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Dala Hill
Dala Hill

Dala Hill




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History of Dala Hill Dala Hill. Experience Kano from a higher elevation. Form he top of the hill, you can see much of the city. It is 534 meters high. There are also 999 steps on the hill. In the seventh century, The hill was the settlement of a community that engaged in iron-working Security/Safety of Dala Hill This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Dala Hill, here are some helpful things to take along with you: A camera Best Features Dala hill gives a magnificient view of Kano, with the rooftops giving off a bucolic ambience Writer's Review Dala hill is considered the first settlement of Kano people. Legend has it that the top of the hill serves as a worship ground for the Maguzawa (initial inhabitants of Hausa land). Barbushe, the then chief priest in charge of the ground, is said to be the mediator between the people and Tsumburbura, the goddess to whom they owe reverence. Remarkably, Dala hill still holds some of that awe even now given the fact that the ancient people were not allowed to climb the hill.