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Ado Bayero Mall
Ado Bayero Mall

Ado Bayero Mall




Sightseeing, See a movie, Meet friends, Eat, Drink, Buy/Sell

History of Ado Bayero Mall Ado Bayero Mall was built in 2014 as a central venue providing shoppers with a unique blend of shopping and entertainment. It was built by Alphine Group of Africa. People of Kano like to mix business with pleasure and no better place to do it as Nigeria's largest mall, Ado Bayero Mall. Security/Safety of Ado Bayero Mall This is a very safe location. What To Bring Money Things to do while at Ado Bayero Mall Shop Watch movies Eat out Take a selfie or two, preferably with random strangers and families Best Features It is sited in the commercial hub of Kano and so, very accessible. Writer's Review It is a lovely and exciting place to hang out with friends and family. Most common visitors You are sure to see movie-goers, retail merchants and shoppers here.