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Kurmi Market, Kano
Kurmi Market, Kano

Kurmi Market, Kano




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History of Kurmi Market, Kano Kurmi Market, Kano was built in the 15th Century. It is notable as a market for artifacts and souvenirs. Built by Muhammad Rumfa in the 15th Century. This market shares a glorious history with the ancient city of Kano. Created by Mohammed Rumfa during his reign in the 15th century, it prospered as a commercial hub, servicing traders all the way from Tripoli. 600 years later, it is still an active center of commerce and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. Although dwindling in significance, it is still seen as a solid part of Kano's history. Security/Safety of Kurmi Market, Kano This is a very safe location. Things to do while at Kurmi Market, Kano Before heading to Kurmi Market, Kano, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Buy the cultural artifacts available at the market. Best Features The sheer age of the market overwhelms a visitor, and its significance as a symbol of Kano's former glory cannot be ignored. Most common visitors Traders, Tourists