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Dangote Flour Mills Factory
Dangote Flour Mills Factory

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History of Dangote Flour Mills Factory Dangote Flour Mills Factory was built. Dangote Flour Mills sprawls over hectares of land, and the hum of the factory churning out sack upon sack of flour can be heard from several miles away. Security/Safety of Dangote Flour Mills Factory This is a very safe location. Obey all factory regulations pasted across the premises, hands must be properly sanitized before leaving premises. What To Bring Before heading to Dangote Flour Mills Factory, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Safety boots must be worn in and around the processing area as well as the lab coat and the lab cap. Best Features The factory is well-known in the city of Kano, as it employs over 3000 workers. The smell of wheat can be discerned in the vicinity of the factory, giving it a bucolic atmosphere. Most common visitors Engineers, laborers, researchers, business partners of the Dangote group, a lot of foreign expatriates can be seen around this location