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Alake of Egbaland Palace
Alake of Egbaland Palace

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History of Alake of Egbaland Palace Alake of Egbaland Palace. This is home to the traditional ruler of the Egba clan, whose title is Alake of Egbaland. The present ruler built a new palace behind the old palace, and so one first goes through the period of old mortar and bricks with its history, onto this modern period of advanced technology. Security/Safety of Alake of Egbaland Palace This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Alake of Egbaland Palace, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Camera to capture the sights and take selfies with A local guide to help you navigate the Do's and Don't's Best Features When the palace comes into view, the first things you notice are the two magnificent pillars that anchor the gate. They are decorated with the Alake's emblem and a bar connects them together. Inscipted on the bar are the Yoruba words, "Aafin Alake Ti Ile Egba" which translates to "Alake of Egbaland Palace". Walking inside, one immediately sees the old palace. It is still well maintained and one can see its majesty and the awe it inspired in visitors of old. There are statures, busts and figurines adorning the compound, each telling its own tale. Asides the palaces, there is an ICT centre, a squash court, and a n office for the Egba Traditional Council. Writer's Review The palace is rich in art, culture, history and the tradition of the Egba clan. Everything about it boastfully displays the pride of the Egba people. There are palace staff who will take you on a tour of the palace but unless you have a royal appointment, you may not enter the palace chambers itself nor see the Alake. However, there are a lot of intriguing sights to grip your fancy.