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Kemta Adire Market
Kemta Adire Market

Kemta Adire Market




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History of Kemta Adire Market Kemta Adire Market. A distinctive cultural product of women of the Egba land, Adire is an exotic fabric made in the Tie-and-Dye industry that is loved and coveted for its intricate designs as well as the process involved in making it. This market is the seen as the largest Adire market in Africa. It is also called Kampala so sometimes,the market is referred to as Kampala Market. Security/Safety of Kemta Adire Market This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Kemta Adire Market, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Cash only as it is operated by local clothing vendors Shopping List Camera to capture the sights and experience Best Features One of the biggest commodity exported from Abeokuta, Adire, which means 'Tied and Dyed' attracts thousands of traders and tourists alike on a daily basis who come to patronize the women traders, order batches, learn from them or simply marvel at the art involved. The market was built by the then Governor, Chief Olusegun Osoba. There are stalls sprawling the market with the fabrics of different African designs displayed. Writer's Review Most of the women converse in the local language Yoruba, and some in Pidgin English. Therefore,if you understand neither, you should take a local along for communicating. The market is rowdy and not well maintained so come along with durable footwear and clothes. If you are visiting Abeokuta, a trip to the market is a must as there is no better proof of your visit than wearing an Adire fabric.