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Ogun High Court, Isabo
Ogun High Court, Isabo

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History of Ogun High Court, Isabo Ogun High Court, Isabo. This is the High Court for Ogun. It attends to civil and criminal cases. It also attends to appeals from lower courts like the magistrate and district courts. Security/Safety of Ogun High Court, Isabo This is a very safe location. If you must take it, put your phone on Silent Mode while court is in session What To Bring Before heading to Ogun High Court, Isabo, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Your Wig and Black Gown if you are a practicing Lawyer All documents relating to your case Copies of your passport photograph Best Features It is one of the Judicial bodies of the Ogun Judiciary. The highest ranking Court in the State Judiciary, it has under it the Magistrate Courts, the Customary Courts, and the Customary Court of Appeal. It is headed by the Honorable Chief Judge and a team of Judges. Most common visitors Law practitioners, clerical staff, and Journalists.