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Nike Lake Resort
Nike Lake Resort

Nike Lake Resort




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About Nike Lake Resort Nike Lake Resort is situated on the banks of Nike Lake, Enugu. The resort has 210 rooms and suites affordable to any kind of budget you have. All the rooms have that spectacular vies, the rooms either overlook the well-manicured garden or the lake. The rooms are very comfortable and you have the feeling of being at home. The resort has been strategically placed in a serene and calm environment as other top tourist sites in Enugu state are easily accessed from the resort. Safety There is a very safe location as the resort prides itself on the safety of its guests. Things to Do The resort has 2 tennis courts, a well-equipped gym for fitness junkies, a swimming pool, a lounge, free wireless internet access. You can as well play volleyball or basketball, go on boat rides, take a long walk. There are enough facilities at the resort to make sure that you never run out of options on what to do at the resort. What to Bring Before heading to Nike lake resort, here are some helpful things to take along with you: • Cash or debit/credit cards • A friend or group of friends • Camera to take pictures of the exciting time spent at the resort Best Features The view of the resort is mindblowing, the rooms are well tended to, very welcoming staff. The resort offers services like free wireless internet access, a large car park, a massage therapy centre, a safe deposit box at the reception, gift shop and so many more. Best Time to Visit Nike lake Resort The resort is always open to guests. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors are tourists, fun lovers, corporate people, families, class groups, couples. Why You Should Visit To get away from the official activities, enjoy a perfect romantic getaway, family bonding.