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National Museum of Unity, Enugu
National Museum of Unity, Enugu

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History of National Museum of Unity, Enugu National Museum of Unity, Enugu was established in 1972in a bid to unify Nigeria after the Nigerian civil war. It is notable as the only thriving museum in the country dedicated to the ‘No Victor, No Vanquished’ slogan of 1970 designed to heal the then self-inflicted festering wounds of the Nigerian Civil War. Believed that exhibiting the heterogeneous culture of Nigeria will encourage understanding, love and peaceful co-existence among the various groups, thereby bringing about unity in diversity, this museum houses a host of invaluable cultural relics from different tribes in Nigeria that cannot fail to interest anyone with an eye for details and cultural awareness. Security/Safety of National Museum of Unity, Enugu This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to National Museum of Unity, Enugu, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Camera to capture the lovely sights and wonders Cash Best Features It preserves the national cultural heritage, and provides guided tours and research facilities for scholars and interested parties. A tour here takes one through the museum's three galleries. First is the Unity Gallery which presents objects of arts illustrating some common concepts in the belief system of the various ethnic groups of Nigeria. Then there is the Ibo Gallery, which showcases the Ibo world view in relation to the architectural, religious, political, social and economic systems of the Ibo people. Finally is the 'Enugu the Coal City' Gallery, which presents the growth and development of Enugu arising from the discovery of coal.