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Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels
Transcorp Hotels

Transcorp Hotels

Transcorp Hotel is a fully equipped 4-Star hotel located at 10 Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar. It is sited right in the heart of the nation’s first capital city. Transcorp Hotel is a 15-minute drive from the Margret Ekpo International Airport.

Transcorp Hotel has 146 rooms of which 14 are suites, offering a variety of room categories which include: Poolside Chalet, Standard Room/Twin, Ambassador Suite, Royal Suite and the Executive Suite; all with different cost implications. Each room has a flat-screen TV, an air-conditioner, a desk area, a sofa, a telephone, a lounging area and bathrooms en-suite. It offers complimentary breakfast to guests. It offers free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms.

The award-winning Transcorp Hotel has thrilling facilities available for guests, they include: An outdoor swimming pool and several fitness facilities made available to guests who need to work out. Its round-the-clock Vienna Café restaurant offers diverse local and international delicacies and Chester Bar offers a variety of drinks. It also runs a pastry shop which provides guests with confectionery foods. Transcorp Hotel boasts 1 standard Boardroom (Jade Room) and 2 conference rooms (Diamond and Pearl). The Boardroom accommodates 50 guests and the 2 conference rooms accommodate 700 and 800 guests respectively. The meeting rooms are properly equipped with standard devices to enhance communication. It is guarded by adequate security personnel.

Transcorp Hotel offers extra services, which include: 24hrs front desk, 24hrs room service, car rental services, laundry/dry cleaning services, 24hrs power supply, 24hr business centre, concierge, and luggage storage services. It also gives complimentary airport pick up.

Interesting Places to Visit Near Transcorp Hotel.
Margret Ekpo International Airport
Government House
Slave history museum
Marina Resort
U. J. Esuene Stadium
Calabar main market

Terms and Conditions 
Check In: From 12:00pm 
Check Out: By 12:00pm
Pets: Not allowed
Children: No Cribs (Infant Beds)
Payment: Could be made with Cash and Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
               All bookings must be made 48hrs before Check-in

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel offer free Wi-Fi?
A: Yes. It offers free Wi-Fi.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel have a swimming pool?
A: Yes. A swimming pool is present onsite.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel offer complimentary breakfast?
A: No. It doesn’t offer complimentary breakfast.

Q: Is there a fitness centre/gym at Transcorp Hotel?
A: Yes.  It has a fitness centre/gym.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel have a restaurant?
A: Yes. It has a restaurant with different delicious delicacies.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel have onsite parking? Is it free?
A: Yes. Adequate parking is provided for free.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel offer airport pickup or shuttle services?
A: Yes. It offers airport pickup or shuttle services.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel allow smoking in rooms?
A: No. It disallows smoking in rooms, but they have a designated smoking area.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel have an event centre/conference rooms?
A: Yes. It has a conference room.

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel accept cash, cheques, cards and bank transfers?
A: It accepts Cash.

Q: What is the check in and check out time at Transcorp Hotel?
A: Check In: From 2:00 pm (ID Required)
     Check Out: By 12:00 pm

Q: Does Transcorp Hotel have hair dryers?
A: Yes. It has hair dryers.

Transcorp Hotels is a top-class hotel in Calabar, Cross River.

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Air Conditioning
24 Electricity
Adequate Parking
Luggage Storage
Wireless Internet
Room Service
Conference facility
Fenced compound

7.9 out of 10

overall guest score


78.537% Complete


74.634% Complete

Service Quality

76.098% Complete


80% Complete


83.902% Complete
41 customer reviews about Transcorp Hotels

2.8 out of 10

by Belinda

"Poor service"

The air conditioning unit wasn’t working in my room and I kept calling room service to send someone to fix it but to no avail. That was how I ended up sleeping in a hot and stuffy room. As a result, I did not enjoy my stay there.

Posted June 4, 2018

10 out of 10

by Anonymous

"Very okay"

My stay at the hotel was very okay. I was well received and well treated by the staff. The environment was cool and serene. The food was nicely and deliciously made. The room was very clean and comfortable. All the facilities worked really fine. I had a lovely time.

Posted December 7, 2017

10 out of 10

by Anonymous


I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The facilities were good. The reception was nice. The environment was serene and it had a good ambiance. The room was clean and well maintained. Everything was just okay. The hotel is up to the required standard.

Posted November 23, 2017

10 out of 10

by Anonymous

"Very okay"

I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel. There were no issues encountered while checking in and out. The hotel offered really good services too. Nice hotel!

Posted November 21, 2017

5.2 out of 10

by Mr. Inuwa Mai

"Bad service"

The hotel is okay but I have a major complaint about it. I made payment via the hotel's POS machine. There was an error and I was debited. Till now, my money has not been refunded.I checked out about three days ago and I have been the one calling the hotel. None of the staff has bothered to call me concerning the matter. I had being cheated and that is evidently what the hotel has done to me. I will not take it lightly with the hotel management if I don't get a refund as soon as possible. The hotel was too rowdy too. There was a lot of noise in the area. Some people were even fighting close to the window of the room I stayed in. I had to leave earlier than I planned.

Posted November 17, 2017

9.2 out of 10

by Tata Messiri


My stay at the hotel was okay. I did not have issues and there were no regrets throughout my stay at the hotel. The room was clean, the reception was excellent and the facilities were good. Nice hotel!

Posted November 15, 2017

4.4 out of 10

by Mr. Uwem Akangson

"Poor services"

My stay at Transcorp Hotel was horrible. The room I was taken into looked like it had not been used in ages. The room was damp, The toilet roof was leaking, the sheets were dirty. It was just too bad for me. I think I deserved better.

Posted November 15, 2017

8.8 out of 10

by Dr. Doris

"Good stay"

Transcorp is a beautiful place to be, with a very clean and secure environment. The staff are well trained, friendly whilst providing a commendable service. The room was very comfortable, the bathroom was also very neat. I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel and would love to visit again.

Posted July 5, 2017

10 out of 10

by Mr. Emmanuel

"Cool place"

This is really a great hotel. As expected, my room was cozy and neat, water and electricity supply was stable, toiletries and towel were sufficient and of good quality. It was quite a short stay, but it was worthwhile.

Posted July 3, 2017

8.8 out of 10

by Dr. Emmanuel

"Mixed feelings"

I went to the hotel with high expectations as this is a top class hotel. But I had a little let down. Although almost everything was good and as expected. The scenery was good, the staff were polite and helpful, the room was neat and the facilities were in good working order. The only complaint I had was that the socket by the table in my room was not working, so I had to sit on the bed to use my laptop and this wasn't so comfortable. Apart from this every other thing was good.

Posted June 30, 2017

10 out of 10

by Mr. Georges


The check-in was fast and the hotel's receptionist was helpful. The room was spacious, clean and with a comfortable bed. The bathroom was also big and nice.

Posted June 26, 2017

10 out of 10

by Dr. Uwe

"Good Stay"

I had a good stay at the hotel, it's really a nice place to be, the environment was very neat and peaceful, the room I checked into was comfortable and tidy. Their staff were also very friendly. I had a good stay.

Posted June 19, 2017

8 out of 10

by Hon. Emmanuel

"Nice stay"

I got an underground room and I wasn't comfortable with that. My room was changed the next day though after letting them know my displeasure. The hotel is very nice and I hope to stay there again sometime.

Posted June 5, 2017

8 out of 10

by Mr. Babatunde

"Nice Experience"

It was a nice experience at the hotel. The reception I had at the hotel was warm and welcoming. The staff were generous and helpful. The rooms were properly arranged and comfortable. The hotel's environment was cool and clean.

Posted May 7, 2017

7.6 out of 10

by Mr Rilwan

"Great stay"

I am very pleased with the services rendered in this hotel. The staff in particular, are very courteous and responsive. They were very cheerful and eager to help always. Everything was offered on time and I didn't have to stress one bit. Not everyday one comes across such polite hotel staff. I'm very happy and would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone.

Posted May 2, 2017

8.4 out of 10

by Mr Eno

"Great stay"

I was at the hotel and I must say, they have a great customer service, clean environment and tasty meals. My room was clean and beautiful with all the facilities functional, excellent staff and they were dutiful. Water and power supply was constant, excellent room service and efficient security services. I enjoyed my stay and will visit again.

Posted April 23, 2017

9.2 out of 10

by Miss Modupe


My stay was nice at the hotel, the customer service was prompt and efficient. The room was spacious and neat and the bathroom had all the necessary toiletries. The environment is quiet and well secured, water and power supply was available and the food was delicious and affordable. I must commend their customer service, it was excellent.

Posted February 26, 2017

7.6 out of 10

by Mr. Victor

"Good stay"

I was on a business trip with a few colleagues when we made the booking with We ended up staying two night and everyone in the group was satisfied with their stay.

Posted February 22, 2017

9.6 out of 10

by Mr Tunde


The Guest House was so perfect for me, I did not regret booking the hotel. Water, electricity and security was perfect. My stay at the hotel was quite amazing. It was really home away from home. The food was delicious and spicy enough. The room was beautiful and I like that the environment was clean too. The hotel management was doing a great job keeping that place running as it is. I will come back here again.

Posted February 16, 2017

9.6 out of 10

by Mr. David


Transcorp Hotels is a very nice hotel with beautiful environment. I am definitely coming back to this hotel when next I am in Calabar. The staff were very hard working and ready to help out when called upon. The room was well furnished, neat and tidy. The power and water supply was more than encouraging. This is a very good hotel.

Posted January 27, 2017

5.6 out of 10

by Mr Dala


My stay at Transcorp Hotels Calabar was okay. I did not really enjoy my time at the hotel because the WiFi was not working, they had leaks in the bathroom and also the customer service was slow.

Posted January 27, 2017

7.6 out of 10

by Mr Yusuf

"very good"

My stay at the hotel was okay, the hotel was well organised. They have excellent customer service and all facilities was put in place. My room was neat and comfortable, they have an excellent chef, I must really commend their about food, It was delicious.

Posted January 27, 2017

6.4 out of 10

by Mr. Ndukwe


My stay was good and enjoyable. The room was clean, there was water, uninterrupted power supply and Internet service were all available. I enjoyed the meals and it was affordable, their staff were friendly and efficient, I love the hotel and will visit again.

Posted January 27, 2017

5.6 out of 10

by Mr. Williams

"Not Impressed"

Transcorp Hotels. Calabar is a beautiful place but I was not impressed with the Poolside Chalet room. It's like a Boys Quarter and was not up to standard.

Posted January 27, 2017

6.4 out of 10

by Mr Princewill

"wonderful experience"

My stay at the hotel was a wonderful one, the quality of their service was great. The hotel was a was neat. My room was clean and beautiful. There water and power supply throughout my stay.Their food was tasty and delicious but I would appreciate it more if a buffet dinner was added to their menu.

Posted January 27, 2017

8 out of 10

by Mark


I am impressed with the quality of service I got at the hotel.The staff are very professional and efficient, the rooms are clean. The food is very nice and delivered on time, their facilities are of standard and functioning well.

Posted January 27, 2017

4.8 out of 10

by Willie

"Bad Experience"

I had a bad stay at the hotel. The room I stayed was leaking to the extent they had to bring in a bucket. The AC wasn't working either, and there was no foot mat at the entrance of the bathroom. The hotel management needs to improve their standard and do a whole lot of restructuring.

Posted September 20, 2017

6 out of 10

by Dennis


The hotel is a very lovely place, the staff are really professional and effective.The rooms are beautiful and it has nice curtains.The bathroom is neat and has the necessary toiletries.Their food is affordable and tasty

Posted January 27, 2017

8 out of 10

by Mr Tunde

"Very delightful"

Wow, the room was clean, the staff were friendly. It was a very delightful stay. Whenever I am in Calabar again, I'll definitely use this hotel again.

Posted January 27, 2017

8 out of 10

by Mr Mark


I actually booked this hotel for one of my international client and when he checked out he had beautiful things to say about the hotel, am pleased he liked the place.

Posted April 12, 2016

3.2 out of 10

by kehinde

"Bad service"

This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in and would never want to be there again.

Posted September 20, 2017

8.8 out of 10

by Yewande

"Nice Stay."

My stay at the hotel was nice, My check in was a bit delayed but that should be my fault because my reservation came rather late and they had to do all the confirmation. Also the staff at the hotel were friendly. Thanks to I had a wonderful stay in Calabar!

Posted March 14, 2016

8.4 out of 10

by Azeez


I had a good stay though the rooms are quite small and choking, totally different from the online pictures . The hotel is quite good with improved facilities and I had a great stay.

Posted February 25, 2016

9.6 out of 10

by Mr. Stephen


My stay was awesome. I so much enjoyed this hotel, If you need a very comfortable place for a holiday or a weekend, Transcorp hotels is actually the best for you. The staff were really welcoming, helpful and smart, the rooms were very neat and spacious with good facilities and services. Its a very beautiful place. I would like to visit here again.

Posted February 25, 2016

8.4 out of 10

by Molara Wood


The hotel is okay. I enjoyed my stay the environment was quiet and clean, with well behaved and polite staffs, quick service delivery and a good service quality.

Posted November 17, 2014

8 out of 10

by Wellington E.

"Good hotel"

The hotel is good. The staff are professional in delivery service, the environment is clean and well secured. The hotel is well maintained and equipped. They have varieties of buffer to choose from. I enjoyed my stay here and would always come back

Posted October 7, 2013

7.6 out of 10

by Henry

"Good place"

The hotel is good and comfortable.

Posted September 30, 2013

9.2 out of 10

by Bassey M.

"Very impressed"

I was impressed with their service; they are very calm and understanding. The environment was conductive and friendly. My room was spacious, neat and well arranged in an attractive way. The hotel was well equipped, maintained and well secured. I enjoyed every bit of meal that was served. Lastly, thanks to that gave me opportunity to make my booking in advance

Posted September 9, 2013

9.2 out of 10

by Matthew

"Excellent Place!"

My stay was awesome, wonderful, and excellent. I went there because of the Nigeria match (World Cup Qualifier) which took place in calabar very close to Transcorp Metropolitan and am glad my aim was achieved. I took several pictures. In a nutshell, my stay was just too perfect, the staff were nice and my room was comfortable and neatly arranged.

Posted September 9, 2013

8.4 out of 10

by Violet

"Very Comfortable"

Their staff were well trained and very friendly, constant power supply, and functioning water heater. I had no reason to look out for security but I guess the hotel was secured. The room was quite big and very comfortable. My stay was awesome but the internet service was very slow. I would definitely stay there next time.

Posted July 11, 2013

8 out of 10

by James

"Lovely Stay"

Had a lovely stay at the hotel, Everything went well. Would surely stay there again.

Posted May 3, 2013