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Abuad Inn is a luxuriously built hotel located in a relaxed and serene environment with elegant furniture. 


The staff welcomes patrons to modern smoke-free rooms with sleek furnishings and

amenities like jumbo sized bed, couches and cushions, a work table, wall framed art, a bedside lamp and drawer and many more.

The hotel also offers a boutique for you to shop from, fitness center to help you stay in shape, a swimming pool for your relaxation, a restaurant and bar that offer the best drinks and delicacies.

Abuad Inn is a budget hotel in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti.

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Wireless Internet
24 hours Electricity
Adequate Parking Space
Air Conditioning
Flatscreen TV
Security Guard
Fitness facilities
Swimming Pool
Gift Shop
Dry Cleaning

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1 customer reviews about Abuad Inn

6 out of 10

by Miss. Queenette

"Bad Stay"

I had few issues with this hotel. Your rooms are kind of dirty, the towel you provided was damp, I couldn't use it. They were dead insect in the room. If you fumigate you should at least clean up. What I liked was the environment. It's a little ironic that the environment is clean but not the rooms. Please make these changes so you don't lose patronage.

Posted 2016-11-28 16:23:18