Qatar Visa Application for Nigerians: Work Visas, Tourist Visas

By Jessica Iwu

16 November 2018

Qatar is an independent state in the Arabian Gulf with Doha as its capital city. It is on the continent of Asia. It has a progressive economy and it's one of the world's most important producers of oil and gas. The State is majorly an Islamic state upholding the Islamic traditions. English widely spoken, the official language is Arabic. The average temperature is 106 Fahrenheit. Nigerians interested in going to Qatar would need to have the following information.

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Applying for a Qatar Visa


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Types of Qatar Visa

Qatar Visa Requirements

The Country is predominately Arabic speaking, and hence all the documentation entered once the applicant has gained entry in the country would be in Arabic. Also, applicants have to certify that they have a sound health by providing the necessary health test results especially HIV and Tuberculosis. For applicants coming along with their family or their spouses, it is important that they comply with the basic requirements of staying in the country. One of which is the ban on consuming alcohol. Notwithstanding the type of visa being applied for, applicants should note that they need the following documents.
  • A valid Nigerian passport with at least two free pages, and 6 months validity
  • Properly filled application form with applicant's signature, appended.
  • 2 colored passport-size photos
  • Anyone of the following documents: -Hotel-stay details - for tourist visa applicants. -An invitation letter from a sponsor in Qatar - For family visa applicants. -Income tax returns for the last 2 years. -And any other documents supporting the purpose of the planned visit.
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Evidence of payment of visa application
  •  Documentations of financial capacity
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Marriage certificate
  • Children birth certificate (if any)
  • Six-months bank statement
  • Proof of ownership
  • Family pictures
  • Tax clearance

Qatar Visa Types for Nigerians

Nigerians are not part of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), and hence require a visa to go to this country. There are several types of Qatar visas available, and some of them apply to countries like Nigeria. The types of Visas open to Nigerians include:

Qatar Tourist Visa

The Qatar Tourist Visa is issued to persons who intend to explore Qatar's beautiful sites and people who want to visit family members and friends. The Tourist visa is more like a holiday visa, and it is valid for 2 weeks (No extension). Applicants for the Tourist visa must present their itineraries for their trip. Financial statements to prove the ability to sustain expenses incurred during the trip is required. Click here to get your Tourist Visa Validity Period - 14 Days

Qatar Transit Visa

A special category of the tourist visa is the Transit visa issued to persons who want to want to travel to another Country through the country. This visa is valid for 2 days from the day of entry. People who have a connecting flight from an airport in Qatar do not need this visa. Validity Period - 2 Days

Qatar Business Visa

The Business visa is issued to members of organizations intending to attend business meetups, conferences, academic seminars, professional expositions or any other kind of formal meetings. This visa is usually valid for 30 days from the day of entry. Validity Period - 30 Days

Qatar Student Visa

The Student visa is a temporary visa issued to persons who want to run an academic program in the country. The visa is valid until the course duration elapses. Applicants for this category of visa must have already received provisional admission prior to their student visa application. Also, a letter from the academic institution is proof that the applicant can apply for the visa. qatar road

Qatar Work Visa

The work visas are granted to persons who want to work in Qatar. Like the student visa, the applicants for the work visa must already have secured a job in the country before being eligible to apply. Applicant's employer would need to apply for a NOC Certificate. Without this certificate, entry into Qatar would be disallowed. Applicants, on getting into the country must apply for a residence visa. On arrival, using a single-entry visa, the applicant needs to apply for a residency visa and according to the employer's specification, undergo some certain medical tests including HIV and TB.

Qatar Family Visa

The family visa differs from the visit visa. It issued to persons who have a family in Qatar. The family visa does not expire as long as the sponsor is still living in the country and can still sponsor the applicant. The sponsor would need to apply for a residence permit for the coming family member(s).

Do you need a visa to travel to Qatar?

The government of Qatar has issued a statement, listing countries who have access to getting a Qatar visa on arrival. These countries can be found, here. If you are a citizen of any of these countries, then you do not necessarily need a visa. Nevertheless, most "west" African countries require a visa.

Qatar Visa Fee

Visa application proecess

Address and Location of the Qatar Embassy in Nigeria

Address:  Suite 412, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, Nigeria Telephone: +234 909 426 4010 Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Get a Qatar Visa Application Form

Downloaded, printed and filled properly, application forms are gotten online. Necessary documents submitted online will be accompanied by the application form.

How and Where to Pay Qatar Visa Fees

Visa Application fee is paid at any Qatar visa immigration office. No cancellation of an application, after submission of form and payment. Application charges are non-refundable.

Qatar Visa Processing Time

Tracking of application status begins with respect to meeting necessary requirements and submission of application form. Usually, processed between 4 to 15  working days, Several factors affect processing time. There is rarely any way to expedite the processing time.

How to Receive your Qatar Visa

The visas can be printed online as e-visas once the visa processing fee has been paid. On the same platform where the tracking process has been ongoing, visas could be printed, as long as payment is made.

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