MicCom Golf Resort: The Perfect Place To Golf And Relax

By Osa

01 April 2017

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The MicCom Golf Resorts and Hotel is an indigenous golf resort owned by a couple who turned their golf pastime into a recreational and relaxation haven. The MicCom Golf Resorts and Hotel is located in the peaceful little town of Ada, Osun state. Some of the historical values of the village were included in the design of the resort. The MicCom Golf Resorts and Hotel is a 25-minute drive from Osun. The only emotions you will experience here?are excitement and enthusiasm. Here is why:

MicCom golf resort

The Scenery

As you step into the resort, the calm scenery welcomes you, assuring you of the comfort and relaxation the resort offers effortlessly. The staff at the resort are courteous and treat guests with utmost respect and regard.

MicCom golf resort

The surrounding landscape is covered in greenery. The parking lot is properly apportioned to accommodate a lot of vehicles, a separate space is available for guests who intend to stay at the resort for a long period of time. There is easy access to the parking lot and is situated close to the main buildings of the resort. Guests do not have to walk for too long before reaching the reception. The resort has security officials stationed at every location on and around the resort grounds to ensure the security of both lives and properties of the people within the resort?s premises.

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The Pool

The resort has a standard swimming pool. A part of the larger pool is shallow while the other part is deep. The smaller pool is a shallow pool where children can have fun too. Relaxation can start from a refreshing swim in the pool or a hangout by the pool.MicCom golf resortFood is an essential part of life. The restaurant at the resort serves food that has its guests making references to it years after having it.

They serve a wide variety of local and international dishes and the chefs behind the culinary wonder of this restaurant work skilfully to prepare the simplest of dishes in a way that the taste lingers delightfully. The customer service at the restaurant like the rest of the resort is excellent. The staff are polite, well-mannered and always ready to listen to issues the guests are facing. The food served at the resort is affordable and reasonably priced.

The Course

Hello, green land!

The golf course gives golfers a thrill. It is tactically structured around the rich rainforest of Ada. The golf course is a 6,500 yards course which plays to a par of 71. It comprises of 18-holes, a teeing ground, a fairway and a couple of other elements. The landscape of this golf course?is indeed beautiful, properly packaged and well maintained to international standard. You do not have to come with your golf clubs as golf clubs can be rented from the resort.

MicCom golf resort

MicCom Golf Resort and Hotel host both amateur and professional local and international golf tournaments yearly. In order for it to maintain its international appeal, the MicCom Golf Resort and Hotel is affiliated with the Lufthansa and the Golf Association of Germany. The Golf resort has a membership club which allows its members to have access to a lot of golf courses affiliated with it.

The Room

After an amazing golfing experience, guests can retire to any of the 90 rooms of the resort. Each of these rooms have their own unique design and are kept clean and well equipped.?

MicCom Golf resort and hotel

Of course, there is no other place for great golfing experience and relaxation like MicCom Golf Resort.

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