15 Must See Tourist Attractions in Jos: Family Edition

Tourist attractions in Jos

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The most exciting thing most people have ever heard about Jos is that once upon a time, snow fell there. Still, the state is not recognized as the Home of Peace and Tourism for nothing as it boasts and houses a few tourist attractions and worthy sites that will excite both children and adults. When packing for a trip to Jos, there are a few things that should be taken along so as to fully enjoy the holiday. A trip to any of these places involves active physical activity so it is preferable to wear light clothing. Also, items like sturdy shoes- preferably sneakers, sunscreen, swimming gear, lip balm, face cap, sunglasses, a camera, ATM Cards, a cell phone, a journal, a water bottle, allergy medicine and a change of diapers (if going with toddlers) should be packed in a carry-on bag. Here are 15 places that are worth visiting with family and friends while in Plateau State.

1. Shere Hills

Tourist attractions in jos

This is one of the most adventurous tourist sites in Jos. Mountain climbers and hikers that love a challenge will enjoy a visit to this monumental site as it has the highest and most rugged peak of all the mountains in Jos. It serves as a camping spot for the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre and the east of Jos is approximately 10 km from Shere Hills.

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2. Wase Rocks

Tourist attractions in Jos

From the peak of this rock formation, there is an excellent view of the Wase Town as the rock rises at approximately 250 metres or 800 feet from the plane of the town. The breathtaking view and serenity at the peak of the rock make climbing it worth the while.

3. Riyom Rock Formation

Tourist attractions in Jos

This is one of nature’s gems as the structure of this rock formation is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. It is located along the Jos Akwanga road, which is approximately 25 km from Jos, in the heart of Riyom Town, hence its name.

4. Kurra Falls

Tourist attractions in Jos

This man-made waterfall is exciting to visit because of its history and frankly, its beauty. The waterfall is as a result of tin mining activities by local miners in the area. Currently, it serves as a source of power as it is utilized by the Nigerian Electricity Supply Company to generate power supply to industrial and residential areas across the state.

5. Assop Falls

Tourist attractions in Jos

This picturesque waterfall is located approximately 70 km from Jos, beside the Jos Kagoro road. This waterfall drains water from the Assop River and feeds this to the grasslands and vegetation surrounding its landing. It also drains part of the Jos Plateau. It is an excellent site for taking exquisite, nature-inspired photos because the scenery creates a paradise-like illusion.

6. Jos Wildlife Park

Tourist attractions in jos

Wildlife is not attached to this park out of fancy but because of the extensive amount of wildlife animals, they have on display at this tourist delight. It is an excellent place to go with family, friends or one’s significant other to have a picnic and learn a thing or two about wildlife. The park’s picnic areas are provided in the Vongnifwel Hills and the Pine Forest, which is the highest point in all of Plateau as it is 1,345 metres above sea level.

7. Jos Zoological Garden

Tourist attractions in Jos

This recreational facility has a wide stock of domestic and wildlife animals. It is also a good picnic and picture spot to go to with family and friends.

8. Pandam Game Reserve

tourist attractions in jos

Guests who enjoy fishing and water-based activities will find a visit to Pandam Game Reserve to be worth the while. It is also nice to visit during festivities.

9. Kurang Volcanic Mountain

Tourist attractions in Jos

Kurang Volcanic Mountain located approximately 88 km from Jos.  The highlands of the mountain are washed by springs. It supplies the renowned SWAN bottling company with fresh spring water. Visitors and locals alike flock to the mountain to witness spring water being produced by nature.

10. Naraguta Leather Works

Tourist attractions in Jos

This outfit is located in Naraguta Village, Jos Plateau. Naraguta Leather Works, although established by one man has grown to become a huge tourist attraction. Here, visitors can shop unique handmade leather items at affordable rates and learn a few secrets and tips about leather production and maintenance.

11. Solomon Lar Amusement Park

Tourist attractions in Jos

Solomon Lar Amusement Park is located right in the heart of the capital. This park is one of the most serene and beautiful tourist attractions in Jos. The tall trees create an ambience of calmness and many people come here for picnics, to relax, meditate and take in the beauty of the surroundings. It is a good picture spot and newlyweds can take advantage of this when taking romantic pictures. It has been used to shoot movies, time and again.

12. Helena Farm

Here, ornamental vegetables and herbal plants are grown. Also known as the Rose Merchant. Here, flora is abundant as items like Rosemary, Cucumber, Bill, Broccoli, Asparagus, Basil and Roses are grown and cultivated. The smell of Roses is heavy in the air at Helena farm and it is a wonderful place to visit with family or friends.

13. Museum of Nigeria for Traditional Architecture

Tourist attractions in Jos

A collection of traditional architecture can be found at this museum. It is also located in the Complex of the National Museum.  The buildings are in themselves, exhibitions of traditional Nigerian architecture and art.

14. Jos Museum

Tourist attractions in Jos

This was the first museum to be erected in Nigeria. It was established in 1952 by Bernard Fagg. This is also where the Museum of Nigeria for Traditional Architecture is located. The Coronation Hill, a tree covered in mountain granite is where the Museum is situated and is one of the many worthy sites at the museum. The collection of terracotta items in their pottery room is another worthy site that tells of the wonders of pre-historic Nigeria.

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15. Joseph Gomwalk House

Tourist attractions in Jos

Named after the Nigerian Police Commissioner and the first Military Governor of Benue-Plateau State, Joseph Dechi Gomwak(13 April 1935 – 15 May. 1976), Gomwak house lies in the central part of Jos. It is a 9-storey building. His relations and implication in the Buka Suka Dimka saga and eventual execution brought him to the public eye. His house stands as a historical monument and is of interest to both tourists and locals who are interested in political history. Also, he started the Nigerian Standard dailies in 1972 which as of 2003, became a government-owned newspaper.

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