Lagos to Kano By Road: A Traveller’s Guide

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Kano is the state capital of Kano State in Northern West, Nigeria. It is also the name of the capital city of Kano state. The city of Kano is the commercial nerve centre of Northern Nigeria and is the second largest city in Nigeria, after Lagos. As such, travel from Lagos to Kano is a rather common phenomenon. The driving distance between Lagos and Kano is 998.2 km, it takes an average travel time of  13 hours 13 minutes to arrive at Kano from Lagos.

Kano is a beautiful city with a lot of tourist attractions, some of them are Tiga Dam/Rock Castle, Kurmi Market, Kofar Matar Dyeing Pit, Dala Hills, Kano City Walls, Gidan Rumfa, Gidan Makama House,  Buturiya Wetland Game Reserve and Falgore Game Reserve.


Choosing a Bus from Lagos to Kano

What to look out for before choosing a bus or transport company to use

Budget: Buses plying this route have a wide variety in the price of their tickets, so this makes it easier to make a decision based on your budget.

Convenience: Due to the price difference, seating arrangements and vehicle type across different companies will vary as well. It is advisable to do a little research to find out these details from the different bus companies. Generally, the more expensive the bus fare, the better bus conditions.

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Proximity: This is a two-way process, as it involves boarding the bus and upon arrival at Kano. For boarding, pick a transport company that has a terminal close to where you live. This will ensure that you can get to the park early on the day of your trip.

Upon arrival at Kano, it would be convenient if your bus terminates at the city centre. This is because, at the end of the journey, it is likely that you will be tired. Being at the city center assures that you can easily get transportation from the bus park to your final destination.


Finding Kano Bound Buses from Lagos

Various types of buses ply the Lagos to Kano route, the most popular being 14-seater shuttle buses. The type of bus plying the route generally depends on the transport company and the preference of the traveller.

The following transport companies ply the Lagos to Kano route;

Chisco Transport Nigeria Limited

Address: 104 Funsho Williams Avenue, (Former Western Avenue), Iponri, Costain Lagos
Phone number: 08106517669, 07087287400, 08089273799


Young Shall Grow Transport

Address: Old Ojo Road, Maza-Maza, Lagos State, Nigeria
Phone number: 08034016865, 014531091
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Cross Country Transport Limited

Address: 112 Egbeda, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone number: 08067024485, 07060418477

God is Good Motors

Address: Yaba Central Park, Opp. Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos
Phone number: 08056898614


Cost of Road Travel from Lagos to Kano

A bus ticket from Lagos to Kano will cost between  N5000 to N8000. The prices increase towards the end of the year. This is due to the increased amount of travellers going to their hometown for the holidays.


How/ What to Pack

The vehicle of choice for most transport companies for this route is the 14-seater bus, and they usually don’t have a lot of space for luggage. So if you have a lot of luggage, consider sending by courier before or after you, or paying for an extra seat.


What to Eat

There are a variety of snacks to pick from at the park and you can buy whatever you want beforehand. Also along the way, you can buy some food items being hawked.


Places to Stay in Kano

If you plan to spend a couple of days in Kano to take the city in (we strongly recommend this), there are a lot of hotels you can stay in. There are different categories of hotels for any need you might have, whether you’re looking to splurge on luxury, or you’re trying to find comfort on a budget. Some hotels to stay in include: Prince HotelTahir Guest PalaceThe Oasis Villa and K Suites Hotel.

Travel Tips

It is usually advisable to travel during the day to places you haven’t been to before because night journeys can be very risky. Weekends are also good for travelling as the road will be less busy and more free for travellers.

Leave early

First-time long distance road travellers are advised to take the very first bus, as this will increase the chances of getting to their destination as early as possible, and you can only get the first bus by arriving at the park very early.

Keep yourself entertained

Thanks to technology, entertainment is now easily accessible. You can play games on your phone or even watch a movie or listen to songs, you just need to make sure that it is fully charged before you set out from your hotel room. Alternatively, you can pack a book to read on the way or a journal to write in while travelling.

Pack edible treats

Pack some snacks including mixed nuts, sandwiches, fruits and cereal bars in a small container to nibble on. Some juice and water are a good addition; however, you may want to watch your intake to avoid frequent visits to the bathroom.

Bring your toiletries

Most buses do not have toilets and you may have to make random stops to ease yourself or use the loo. Tissues and hand sanitizers are key essentials to ensure you stay germ-free before you reach your destination.

Catch some sleep

Not everyone can sleep while in motion, however, if you can try. It helps if you have ear muffs, a neck rest or a travel pillow and sleeping mask. However, you can also improvise and use a rolled up sweater or shirt as head rest. Sleeping is a sure way to survive a long bus trip as it has a way of making the time go much faster.

Have fun in Kano

If you will be in Kano for a short time, there are some places that you absolutely have to visit. We suggest you read this article about things to do in Kano on a short trip.

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