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How To Get EKEDC Prepaid Meter in Lagos

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You are probably on this page because you want to learn how to acquire a new prepaid meter from the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC). I want to assure that you are in the right place. In less than 3 minutes, I'm going to walk you through the processes involved in getting a new prepaid meter from the EKEDC.

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) uses the Meter Asset Providers (MAP) scheme to procure and install prepaid meters for its customers.

What is the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme all about?

The MAP scheme was introduced by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to allow easy procurement of prepaid meters and to put an end to arbitrary billings. The EKEDC explained the MAP scheme as a framework "designed to fast track closure of the end-user metering gap with a goal of eliminating the practice of "estimated billing " excepting exceptional cases envisaged under the regulation".

List of registered Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) under EKEDC Lagos

  1. Mojec International Limited
  2. Bendoricks International Limited
  3. CIG Metering Assets Nigeria Limited
  4. Integrated Resources Limited
  5. Armese Consulting Limited
  6. Turbo Energy Limited
  7. Gospell Digital Tech. Limited

You must ensure the following prerequisites are met before you can successfully apply for an EKEDC prepaid meter:

  • As a customer of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company, you must clear all outstanding bills or agree on a settlement plan with the EKEDC.
  • In a situation where a customer disputes an outstanding bill, the bill dispute must be resolved before such customer can acquire a prepaid meter.

Steps involved in applying for EKEDC prepaid meter in Lagos

  1. Visit the official EKEDC website via, then download and fill the prepaid meter form.
  2. Submit the prepaid meter application form at the nearest EKEDC business unit.
  3. Make payment to any of the authorized banks. (See the list of authorized banks by MAP).
  4. After your payment has been confirmed, the prepaid meter will be installed at your residence within 10 working days.

After using up the electric units on your prepaid meter, you can always recharge anytime, without visiting the EKEDC office or business unit. Here is a detailed guide on how to recharge your prepaid meter online.

Cost of Eko Elelctricty Prepaid Meter

How to get ekedc prepaid

The approved price for EKEDC prepaid meter under the MAP framework is #36,991.50 for a single-phase meter and #67,055.85 for a three-phase prepaid meter. (VAT not inclusive).

It should be noted that prepaid meters acquired through the MAP scheme cannot be moved from one property to another by the customer. In a situation where a customer relocates to another apartment after purchasing an EKEDC prepaid meter, such customer is required to contact the EKEDC DISCO. Once the Eko Electric is notified, they will update their database and authorize the transfer of the prepaid balance to the customer's new location.

EKEDC customer care contact

For more information on how to get EKEDC prepaid meter in Lagos, you can reach out to the customer service via phone number on +23470-8065-5555 or emain on [email protected]

You may want to read our guide on how to acquire IKEDC prepaid meter in lagos here.

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