Paint a Picture of Slave History with a Visit to the Slave Museum

The slave history museum is situated at marina resort on the site of a 15th century slave trading warehouse. It’s a historic site with extensive descriptions of events that happened during the slave trade era

The Museum depicts the horrific experiences of these slaves during the colonial era. Exhibits portraying a sense of history such as local slave markets, instruments of the trade including shackles and chains, and the variety of currencies used to trade our forefathers, such as copper bars, brass bells, and flutes.

This museum is quite captivating with its graphic life-size sculptural representation of slaves illustrating how slaves were transported and treated, how slaves were arranged on the ships, how the white slave masters treated the slaves while on the farm and lots more. Historic artifacts used in trade and commerce are displayed, audio recordings of some of the events are available. These audio recordings paint a picture of how slaves are auctioned and sold, how they are transported and some other things.

The daunting stories and accounts of actual events in this museum are sure to invoke some feelings and leave you reminiscent of the great sacrifices our ancestors made in fighting for our freedom from the colonial masters.


Calabar Marina Resort

080 3441 1080

Opening hours: 8 am-6 pm Weekdays, 12 pm-6 pm Weekends

Admissions: Entry fee costs N200 per head

Travel Tips

  • Do not come with a camera, pictures are not allowed in the museum

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