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Ezeagu Lake

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Ezeagu Tourist Complex is located southern central pan of Enugu State. The complex is known for being a premium destination for tourists and travellers. It is graced with a beautiful atmosphere as a result of its natural state. Measuring about 22 hectares, it is made up of a combination of a waterfall, a lake, and a three kilometres cave full with tunnels and chambers with natural spring.

Ezeagu Waterfall

The waterfall locally named Ezeagu Waterfall or Heneke Waterfall is a site that receives many pilgrims, as a result of the belief of it having a curative power. Ezeagu Waterfall’s height is about 23meters high, and therefore the waters rush from a cliff with a thunderous sound that can be heard from a distance.

Ezeagu Water

One marvellous wonder of Ezeagu Waterfall is its ability to signal the beginning of the harmattan season through an extraordinary thunderous sound from the fall. Its brilliance is expressed in its about 5-kilometer long Obinofia Cave whose sheer size, compartments and tunnels branching out into several directions is naturally a beauty to behold. Be sure to walk deep in the cave into utter darkness; as scary and creepy as this may seem, its sure to be a lot of fun.

How to get to Ezeagu Tourist Complex

Enugu Airport

The closest Airport to the Ezeagu Tourist complex is the Akanu Ibiam International Airport. Airlines such as Air Peace, Arik Air, Aero contractors, Med view Airlines offer direct flight into and out of the Airport. There are shuttles at the Airport available to transport you to Ezeagu tourist complex

Things to do at Ezeagu Tourist Complex

  • Visit the caves: the Obinofia Cave has many tunnels that lead to utter darkness, ensure that you have a touch with you so that you do not get too freaked out. It is definitely a fun place to check out at the complex, especially when you’re with friends or you happen to bond with your fellow tourists.
  • Take a dip in the spring: having to feel the cool water on your skin is one you should not miss. Imagine you being in a safe water body surrounded by earth and vegetation… what a beautiful feeling!
  • Take pictures: capture unaware and aware photographs for the Gram, for memories, and of course for the love of photography.
  • Documentation: document your experience during your visit to the complex and if possible write an article on it.

Things to take to Ezeagu Tourist Complex

  • Camera
  • Swimming gear
  • Shorts
  • Climbing boots
  • Flashlight

Ezeagu Tourist Complex is a bundle of natural beauties.

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