Central Park Abuja: Menu, Price and Address

By Adebanke Bakare

14 November 2019

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Central Park Abuja is another home away from home where family and friends can spend quality time with their loved ones and share wonderful long-lasting memories.

It is one of the fun places to visit in Abuja.

Entrance Fee: ?500

Contact Address: 70 Kur Mohammed Ave, Garki 1, Abuja.

Phone Number: +234 809 272 2852.

Website: www.centralparkabuja.com

Email: [email protected]

Opening hours: Mondays-Saturdays 8a.m-10:30p.m

Sundays: 12p.m-10:30p.m

Central Park Abuja relaxation centre

Central Park Abuja has got you covered on any kind of event or occasion you wish to have starting from wedding, team bonding, birthday, bridal shower to concerts and festivals. There are various gardens and spaces for each occasion.

Activities To Do At Central Park

  • Go-Karting for both Adults and Kids
  • Paintballing
  • Tapas on The Green
  • Playground for kids
  • Water Park
  • Waterfall and Pond
children's playground.

Menu List for Food and Drinks

Pizza Prices
Margarita Royale ?2,600.00
BBQ Chicken ?4,000.00
Meaty Overload ?4,000.00
Pepperoni Feast ?4,500.00
Seafood Delight ?4,500.00

Naija Flavours Prices
Chicken Suya and Chips ?2,420.00
Beef Suya and Chips ?2,420.00
Grilled Fish and chip ?3,850.00
Asun ?3,850.00
Peppered Snail ?3,300.00
Chicken Pepper Soup ?2,420.00
Fish Pepper Soup ?2,200.00
Goat-Meat Pepper Soup ?1,870.00

Sides Prices
Chips ?550.00
Garlic Bread ?1,650.00
Chilli Cheese Bread ?2,240.00
Cheese Bread ?2,240.00
Spicy Chicken Wings ?2,200.00
Chicken Lollipop ?2,200.00
Prawn Spring roll ?2,750.00
Chicken Spring roll ?1,650.00
Deep-Fried King Prawn ?3,850.00

Drinks Prices
Soft Drinks ?330.00
Soda Water ?330.00
Maltina ?550.00
Energy Drink ?1,100
Water (Small) ?330.00
Water (Big) ?550.00
Juice (Big Pack) ?1,320.00

Milk Shakes Prices
Oreo Milkshake ?2,200.00
Vanilla Milkshake ?2,200.00
Banana and Cream ?2,200.00
Strawberry and Cream ?2,200.00
Cream Orgasm ?2,750.00
Vanilla Roose ?2,200.00
Oreo Royale ?2,200.00

Mock Tails Prices
Chapman ?1,650.00
Virgin Mojito ?1,650.00
Strawberry Daiquri ?2,200.00
Coco Colade ?1,870.00
Lemonade ?1,650.00

Smoothies Prices
Banana and Strawberry ?2,200.00
Pineapple Smoothie ?2,200.00
Tropical Blend ?2,200.00
Tapas Smoothie ?2,200.00

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