Relax and Enjoy the Serenity at the Millennium Park

By Eniola Arowosegbe

18 December 2019

The millennium park is a beautifully built man-made park located within the city centre. The extensive park was designed revealing the beauty of nature. The park contains wars relics built in memory of some of our war heroes. Additionally, the park contains illustrations of the rich Calabar history and various events that took place at different times.

These details are imprinted on gold colored metal sheets set on pillars around the park giving you a magnificent view. Old machines guns, mortar and so on, are all on display. Built in memory of our war soldiers, there is a hall of fame with the names of some of the fallen soldiers that fought in the wars. Some old equipment used during the first and second world wars are also on display

With its well-laid lawn, glamorous fountain and stunning arrangement, the park exquisitely blends history with nature making it an ideal spot for a group hangout, quiet picnic and relaxation, and meditation.

What to Bring?

  • A camera to capture the beautiful view
  • A mat and other necessities for a picnic

Things to do at Millennium Park

  • Delight your sights with the scenic view
  • Take a tour around the park to learn about the Calabar history
  • Enjoy a pleasant picnic with friends at the lovely garden

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