SMAN ID card - Generate Your Card in Five Seconds for ZERO KOBO

By Uforo-Abasi Essien

20 January 2021

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How To Create Your SMAN ID Card

The Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria, SMAN, is a trend that has been lingering for quite a while. While many men are in support of this rather humorous idea, others are indifferent. Members of this team regard themselves as real men who are courageous enough to put women in their place. One of the core belief of this league is that women are money wasters and dream killers. To put an end to money-wasting, all members have agreed that women will not receive any shi-shi from them.

To further promote their campaign, SMAN has come up with items of identity: Polo, ID Cards and a Logo. The most popular of these items is the ID Card. To fully join the team, one is expected to create an ID Card stating his Position in the union and his Branch.

Join the team of stingy men by creating your ID Card here for free.


Generate Your SMAN ID Card Here

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