Get the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Ibom Plaza

By Eniola Arowosegbe

17 January 2020

Ibom Plaza is located at Aka roundabout right across the Ibom connection. There is an open theater, double-rolled water fountain within the Plaza. It was built in 2001 on the former ?Independent Square? where the British Union Jack Flag was lowered after Nigeria gained her independence from the British colony. The plaza is seen as a monument of history and symbolizes unity.

The Ibom Plaza houses shopping Malls, a medical center, bustling business centers, parking lots, game centers, art shops and eating centers for families and friends to spend their leisure. Situated right in the heart of Uyo city, the plaza is a network hub for ultimate fun, entertainment, and business.

Ibom Plaza Water fountain

The plaza bubbles mostly at night with the water fountain and the lighting which gives an all-round euphoric feeling. It?s like a meeting point at night where everyone comes to relax after the day?s work. Some come there for the evening breeze, some come for a few beers with friends at the bar where they continue their never-ending debate over different topics, these people never come to a conclusion though.

The flower hedges is the nest for the love birds, it?s all love and romance over there. There are television sets for viewing football matches for all sport enthusiasts, especially when international matches are being played. The people come together to watch as a community. The Gothic Greco-Roman theme of the sitting arena makes the scenery more delightful. Ibom Plaza is a tourist paradise you should behold.

How to get to Ibom Plaza?

The closest Airport to Ibom Plaza is the Akwa Ibom International Airport. It takes approximately 50 minutes to drive from the Airport to Ibom Plaza.

Things to do at Ibom Plaza

  • Take nice shots with your camera at the water fountain
  • Shop for needs at the shopping mall
  • Go sightseeing at the art shop
  • Take a stroll around the beautiful complex


Address: Aka roundabout, Uyo

Phone: 0703 970 2856

Open: 24 hours

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