How to Spend the Perfect Vacation at the Wealthy Coast of Bonny Island

By Eniola Arowosegbe

06 February 2020

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Bonny Island is a beauty tucked at the southern edge of Rivers state. The enchanting city is set on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at the Bight of Bonny. The oil-rich island endowed with a vast reserve of natural gas is an economic and financial engine for Nigeria. A major vacation hotspot, Bonny Island boasts of a rich cultural heritage and history.

Bonny Island is subdivided into two main sections; the mainland and the hinterland. The mainland comprises the Township, Sandfield, Iwoama, Orosikiri, Aganya, Ayambo, Akiama, Workers Camp, Finima and some outlying fishing settlements lying along the Bonny River?s coastline. The hinterland includes the villages that serve as home to natives of Bonny kingdom.

Bonny Island is surrounded on the south and west by long stretches of beaches. With sumptuous seafood to combine, the Island is a fascinating place to be. Due to its oil and gas reserve, it?s home to numerous oil and gas companies such as Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG), Shell, Mobil, Chevron among others. Hence, the security at Bonny Island is strict. A vacation at Bonny Island affords you the opportunity to experience industrial oil production activities.

How to get to Bonny Island?

Bonny Island Road

The closest Airport to Bonny Island is the Port Harcourt International Airport. Popular Airlines flying in and out of Port Harcourt are Arik Air, Air Peace, Aero Nigeria among others. There are shuttles at the Airport that will take you directly to the Bonny Kingdom. To get to the Island, there are two boat options; the public jetty and the private jetty. The private jetty is the NLNG jetty at Trans Amadi. To use this jetty, you need to book it ahead of time by contacting the staff. However, if the private jetty is not available, you can board the Borokiri public jetty.

When is the best time to visit Bonny Island?

The best time to visit Bonny Island is during the festive periods, especially during Easter and Christmas as there are lots of activities during this period. From December 26th ? 31st, there are annual carnivals that hold at Finima Beach.

Tourist Attractions at Bonny Island

Finima Beach

Finima Beach at Bonny Island

To make the most out of your vacation at Bonny Island, you need to experience the long stretches of beaches featuring sandy shores and salt waters spreading across Bonny Island. The beach is a serenading atmosphere with lots of fun and exciting activities. Also, the site is known to hold social events and activities.

Finima Nature Park

Finima Nature Park

Spreading across 1000 hectares of land, Finima Nature Park is a nature reserve established in 2001 by NLNG to aid environmental conservation and biodiversity. The reserve is covered by tropical rainforest and mangrove swamp with freshwater ponds. There are tall timbers separating the beach from the swamp.

Finima nature park houses various wildlife species such as pygmy hippopotamuses, crocodiles, monkeys as well as different bird species. The park features a scenic view of thick forest canopies, lovely flowers, and freshwaters. A popular spot for ecotourism, the park is a fascinating place to appreciate nature?s diversity. Finima Nature Park is completely safe as it is protected by Park Rangers.

Monkey Village

Bonny Island Monkey Village

Monkey village used to be a large forest inhabited by monkeys but with the influx of people into the area, the monkeys were driven out. Currently, the settlement is being inhabited by locals with houses made of palm leaves and branches. There are various bars and clubs to make the most of the nightlife there.

Bonny Island Golf course

Bonny Island Golf Course

The bonny island Golf course is a 9-hole golf course situated in Bonny Island. The Golf course plays host to the NLNG MD?s Golf Classic tournament involving different Golf associations from different states. The golf course is a social hub for relaxing, networking and bonding with influential individuals.

Bonny Island is a popular attraction as it is home to numerous hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets to cater to the basic needs of tourists. One thing to note is the sumptuous seafood diners available. A buzzing island with lots of chills and thrills, do enjoy your vacation at Bonny Island.

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