10 Things To Do for Your Father on Father’s day

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Last updated on March 8th, 2018 at 04:18 pm

Father’s Day is a day to honor the superheroes in our lives and celebrate paternal bonds and fatherhood.  Sometimes,  this might put us under a bit of pressure when trying to get the perfect gift for dad.  Do you feel at a loss when it comes to buying gifts for your father or husband? Are you looking for great father’s day ideas that would be a fun, simple and meaningful experience for you and your dad?  Whether it is a physical gift or a way of celebrating with the family, these suggestions guarantee a great Father’s day weekend full love, warmth, and laughter.

1. Pamper Dad all day long



The key is to make your father feel like royalty on this special day. Start him out with a delightful of breakfast, not the usual toast and coffee, but go the extra mile to make it more colourful. Add a little flavour to the breakfast by serving it to him in bed.

If you can drive, take over the wheels for the day, let him relax as you drive him wherever he wants to go.  You could help him with a few errands around the house while he puts his feet up and relaxes. Treat your dad to a daytime surprise by taking him out for brunch or lunch at one of his favourite places to eat.

At the end of the day, make dad a special dinner, something he absolutely loves but doesn’t get to eat often.  Then sit back and enjoy the dinner with a good movie, make sure you watch something he loves, maybe a karate or sports movie.


2. Treat him to a Spa Day

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Spa days are not just for the ladies, your dad would love a spa treatment. Book him a luxurious massage, hair cut or professional shave. Let him feel like the gem that he is. If you can’t book a spa appointment, you could offer to give him a massage yourself. A good massage is always appreciated.


3. Share pleasant memories

Fathers' Day - Hotels.ng You can record a video (or an audio, if a video recording is not possible) with your siblings and other members of your extended family, sharing some of your favourite memories of your father. Let him know how much you appreciate him and all his efforts. This will definitely get your dad teary eyed, overwhelmed with feelings of love and appreciation. Be sure to add a big hug to compliment your words and the emotional memories you’ve shared.


4. The perfect gift

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It is important that your gift is as distinct and personalized as possible.  Find out specific things he loves and buy it for him. That way, he remembers you and the effort you made, each time he sees the gift. Consider giving him something practical that he would use often. It could also be a decorative gift, maybe something he could put on his work desk, like a paperweight or a framed photo of the two of you together. These sorts of gifts would ensure that he has happy thoughts throughout his workday.

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 5. Give him something you’ve made yourself

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Skip the usual dad gifts like socks, ties or boxers and give your father something that you spent your time and creativity on. You can make him a one of a special father’s day card. If not a card, then try a sketch drawing, a mug, a painting, or even a shirt that you hand-painted yourself.

If you are really artistic and have a father who also appreciates arts, then you can explore and create special handcrafted gifts including sculptured artefacts, bracelets, in fact, the possibilities are endless. Knitting or sewing something is a great idea.


 6. Plan a Day Trip for Father’s Day

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June is usually a great time for a getaway on a scenic road trip. You could make it a day trip or take the whole weekend for some father-son or father-daughter bonding time. Take a trip to the coastal areas or into a location with lush greenery. Remember, the trip is all about dad, so choose your trip based on his interest.  Be sure to pack some household items for easier travel.

You can make your trip a camping adventure. Bond with Dad while fishing, hunting or foraging. Just take the time to catch up on life while you enjoy the outdoors with him. Or you may prefer to head to a city, make sure you go to one with fun activities like theme parks, go-karts, casinos, art shows, etc. Lodge at a luxury hotel, let your dad put his feet up and relax.


7. Car show

My dad is an avid lover of cars, if yours is a car aficionado then this is an idea that will thrill him. Contact your local car clubs to find a nearby show of amazing vintage wheels or the latest electric car. You’ll be sure to hear stories of what it was like for him to drive his first car or recall laughs over what he went through to teach you how to drive.

If you can, make arrangements with the car clubs to let your dad test drive one of his favourite cars, you’ll have the privilege of seeing his face light up with pleasure and excitement over the experience.


8. Beer or Wine tasting

Is your dad a beer or wine aficionado? Make Fathers’ day remarkable by taking him to a local beer or wine tasting event. At the end of the event, get him some premium wine or spirits particularly from the brands he loves. These will serve as souvenirs of your day together, making it a memorable event for weeks to come.


9. 18 holes at the Golf course

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Spending 18 holes worth of quality time with dad is a great activity for father’s day. You can hire a golf instructor for a series of golf lessons for you and your dad— which gives you a great excuse to hang out together before father’s day- to learn tips from a pro and improve your golf game. After golfing, head out for a sumptuous brunch at any restaurant of his choice.

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10. Get Sporty with Dad

Most men tend to be sports lovers especially football and your father may not be left out. Giving your dad tickets to his favorite sporting event is a great way to show your support for his favorite team or football club, even if it’s just for that day. If you are unable to get tickets, you can gather your family members and friends for a barbeque and indoor games. Your dad will probably love the combination of food, sports and family compared to sitting in a crowded stadium surrounded by strangers.

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