A Quick Guide to Travelling From Lagos to Cotonou by Road

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Cotonou is the capital city of Benin and it is a city bustling with various business activities. It is a very open city that has a lot of facilities and amenities to make life comfortable for visitors and tourists. Nigerians travel to Cotonou for so many reasons, ranging from business dealings to vacation purposes and Cotonou has enough to offer.

One basic attraction for Nigerians is the constant electricity in Cotonou which makes it a good place to set up a business. In addition to that; vacationing there is really fun. There are a lot of amazing places for sight-seeing and fun activities; places like Hotel Benin Marina Beach, The Pendjari National Park and Cotonou craft market. Lagos to Cotonou by road would last approximately two hours. Will you be traveling from Lagos to Cotonou anytime soon? This guide is here to help you have a stress-free journey.

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Lagos to Cotonou by Road

Mile 2 in Lagos is the best place to begin your Cotonou road trip if you won’t be boarding the one-way fare buses. In Mile 2; at the price of N300, you will board a bus going to the borders of Seme. On getting there; you would trek a little bit further from the Conoil filling station that the bus will stop. You should see a park with a lot of bikes; one of those bikes will take you across the borders. After crossing the border; board a taxi at the price of 600 Cefa to continue your journey into Cotonou.

One-way bus companies that move from Lagos to Cotonou

There are two notable bus companies in Lagos that go to Cotonou. They are ABC transport and Chisco group. The transportation fare when you board a Chisco bus is lesser than that of ABC transport. Chisco transit charges N6,300 while ABC transport is higher by N2,350.  They are both scheduled to leave the park by 6:00 am.

Deciding which bus company to patronize

The distance between your current location to the park could affect your choice. You can board Chisco bus bound for Cotonou at Lagos Jibowu terminal–close to Yaba in Lagos mainland. Boarding ABC transport, on the other hand, you would have to be close to Lagos island as that’s where Lagos Lekki terminal is located. Most people prefer traveling with ABC transport though because of excellent customer services and good buses. It’s important to consider those two factors when traveling with commercial buses as it wouldn’t be cool to be on a bus that stops halfway to your journey due to engine failure.

When to travel

It is never advisable to travel to a place you’ve never been to at night; especially traveling to another country, especially from Lagos to Cotonou by Road. The customs officers at the borders would conduct a search and that would be unpleasant without daylight. As regards days to board a bus; there are no particular days for the two transport companies mentioned in this page. You are free to travel on whichever day you deem fit but you will have to set out for the journey as early in the morning as possible.

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