A Quick Guide to Travelling From Lagos to Abuja by Road


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Lagos, the former federal capital of Nigeria and Abuja, the present capital city of Nigeria are a long distance away from each other. Abuja is calculated to be 734 kilometers away from Lagos. Few leisure travelers and a good number of business travelers who have the means of traveling by flight do not even contemplate traveling from Lagos to Abuja by road. Apart from not getting to their destination on time; the biggest turn-off is the discomfort that comes with sitting for hours on a bus.

Leisure travelers, on the other hand, who want to delight in and appreciate every traveling moments, prefer road trips. Road trips have a lot of enticements compared to air travels: you have a better view of the cities you drive the past, you can buy local delicacies from the road-side hawkers and have a longer time bonding with your fellow passengers. This quick guide will help you plan your journey from Lagos to Abuja by road.

Bus companies that move from Lagos to Abuja

Abuja welcomes a large number of visitors on a daily basis and so finding a bus that goes to Abuja from Lagos is not difficult at all. Almost every bus companies in Lagos have Abuja on their schedules. Some of these bus companies include Ifesinachi, Peace Mass Transit, ABC transport, Cross Country, Chisco group, GUO transport, Young Shall Grow Transport, GIGM, Oya etc. Most of these buses are scheduled to leave as early as 6:00 am or 7:00 am.

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Bus companies with cheap transport fares

When two buses heading to the same destination have different price rates and their services are both satisfactory. Nothing stops one from travelling by bus whose fare is cheaper, other factors having been considered. Here are some of the bus companies with cheaper fares: Young Shall Grow Transport, ABC transport, and Chisco Transport. You can board any of their buses within the price range of N3,000 to N5,000. The other bus companies charges from N6000 upwards.


Locations of bus terminals 

This is one of the major factors that affect which bus you will board. While you would love boarding buses with cheaper fares; you would also want to board a bus whose terminal is in close proximity to where you are coming from. Most of the bus companies listed above have their bus terminals at Jibowu–close to Yaba, in Lagos mainland. These bus companies have their bus terminals in Jibowu: Ifesinachi, Cross Country, Chisco group, Young Shall Grow Transport, Oya and Peace Mass Transit.

If you would like to travel with Chisco transport; its bus terminals are in Oyingbo, Alafia, Empire, and Jibowu. GUO transport has terminals at Ejigbo, Cele, Coker, Maza Maza, Ajah and Iyana Ipaja. GIGM and ABC transport both have theirs in Lagos Island–Ajah and Lekki respectively.

Schedules of bus companies

Most of the bus companies schedule to leave Lagos for Abuja in the morning hours, from 6-8:00 am. If you would prefer a night journey for reasons best known to you; The bus companies scheduled to leave within 5-7:00 pm: Cross Country, Chisco group, and Oya.

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