How To Cancel Orders On Popular Online Stores- Jumia, Konga And Aliexpress.

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Last updated on September 10th, 2020 at 11:27 am

Over the years, people have realized that shopping online is the best form of shopping as it reduces stress and can be sometimes cheaper. Over 80% of the human population shop online due to these reasons.

How To Cancel Order On Jumia

Jumia is the most popular online store in Nigeria and they are very efficient and reliable. However, people order stuff online and later realize that they do not actually need it. When this happens to you, it can be rectified by calling the customer care service (0-700-6000-000) or visiting Jumia’s website to cancel.

In most cases, the order has already been shipped and already on its way to the pickup location but when you call to cancel, the Jumia customer care section will do everything necessary in order to stop the delivery and refund your money in case you paid online.

If it is a cash payment delivery however, you can just reject it once it gets delivered to your place.


How to Cancel Order on Konga

Konga is also a popular online store where you can purchase clothes, electronics, equipment and other stuffs. The online store has almost everything you wish to get but what do you do when you already ordered a product and it no longer appeals to you?

You can cancel your order through your Konga account. Simply open the page that contains the information about your ordered goods called “My Orders” and click on the cancel button next to the package you would like to stop its purchase.

If the package has almost arrived, you can reject on delivery but just to be safe, you should consider performing the cancellation before it reaches the status “Order Dispatched”.


How to Cancel Order on AliExpress

It happens that sometimes you order something on AliExpress and pay then you eventually change your mind. It is possible for you to cancel your order and get your money back. Note that the seller doesn’t ship the package straight away after you make an order. AliExpress reserves 7 business days for the seller to do it. During this period that your order has the awaiting shipment status, you can cancel it by following these simple steps:

*Go to the “my orders” section of your AliExpress personal account.

*Click on the “cancel order” button next to your package. This will take you to the order page, then click on the request order cancellation button.

*Choose the reason for cancellation. If you made an order by mistake, select the corresponding variant in the drop-down list. If you cancel the order due to a fault on the seller’s part, then you will be offered to open a dispute. As soon as you request the cancellation, you will have to wait for the seller’s response. The seller can confirm the request and you will get a refund in this case.


Canceling your order on online stores is as easy as ordering stuff online.

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