A Business Traveller’s Guide to Abuja

Business trip to Abuja

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Business travel can sometimes be consuming. The constant packing, the airports, jet lag, homesickness, (yes, homesickness) and many other unappealing aspects make them more stressful than they should actually be. Traveling to the Federal Capital Territory on business can either go without a hitch or be “The Interview” all over again. There are certain things one should know when traveling to Abuja on business.  From what to take, how to get there safely, possible places to stay, things to do in your spare time, and sights to visit.

Business trip to Abuja, A business traveler's guide to Abuja,hotels.ng

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Getting to Abuja

You can either get to Abuja by road or by air. Regardless of where in the world you are coming from, you can book a flight to Nigeria, specifically to land at the International airport in Abuja which is the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport. From Lagos, you can travel by road or by air via any of the bus transport services like God is Good Motors, ABC Transport, Chisco Transport or by simply driving. You can also book a flight going to Abuja at Murtala Mohammed Airport. Travelling by road from Lagos takes approximately 10 hours, and by flight, it takes at a maximum, 1 hour 30 minutes. If you are out of time and you would rather not endure the hassle of traveling by road, flying is a better option, but it costs more than travelling by road.

Book a flight to AbujaBusiness trip to Abuja, A business traveler's guide to Abuja, hotels.ng

What to Pack?

When traveling on a business trip to Abuja, it is very important to pack the right clothing items -first impressions and all that about being dressed the way you want to be addressed. It is important to pack a dark-colored suit, a number of shirts according to the duration of your stay, a native attire like Agbada for the men and an Ankara or lace dress for the women. Also, a casual outfit like Jeans,  a T-shirt and comfortable footwear, like sneakers or ballet shoes.

Abuja is known to be cold sometimes and even more so during the Harmattan months which are from November to February so it is important to pack protective clothing like sweaters, shawls, scarves and so on. It is also important to carry along the following items which include, necessary work documents, sunglasses, a journal or text to read, fully charged Cell phone and or laptop, ID Card, Debit/Credit Cards, Lip balm, moisturizer and a hat or face cap.

Where to Stay

Business trip to Abuja, A business traveler's guide to Abuja, hotels.ng

If you plan to stay overnight while on business, there would surely be need for a safe, clean and comfortable place to stay. If you are planning to stay either in Wuse, Garki, Utako or Maitama, these are a few hotels that you can consider staying at.

Each of these hotels have different room types and offer services that will make your stay more comfortable. There are room and laundry services available and complimentary breakfast as well as  shuttle services on some room types. Book Hotels in Abuja on hotels.ng to get great deals on any of these hotels and more.

Conference Centres in Abuja
entrance to the international conference centre abuja - hotels.ng

Some of the conference centres in Abuja include:

  • Shabak Multipurpose Centre in Utako
  • Haven Event Centre in Miatama,
  • Abuja International Conference Centre in Wuse
  • Citilodge Hotel and Conference Centre in Garki

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Where to Relax

Abuja is a peaceful city that has a very groovy nightlife. If during your business trip, you decide you want to unwind, relax and have a good time, here are some things you can do, or places you can visit. Apart from the suya spots that line the streets and roads, places like Millennium Park in Maitama, Magicland Amusement Park in Kukwa (entrance fee is N300 ), the stunning  Gurara Falls in Suleja and the historical Eagle square in Phase 1 can be found here. You can also visit places like club Cubana, The Bank and Sueno.

Blucabana Abuja, Business trip to Abuja, A business traveler's guide to Abuja, hotels.ng

Another fun activity that you can engage in at your spare time is to take a tour of the city. The Federal Capital Territory has many monumental and historically important places like the Aso Rock, the offices of the nation’s leaders and so on. You can also shop and sight-see in the local markets. Some of the locals make and sell beautiful crafts and artifacts that could serve as unique gift items for friends and family back home.

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