Top 15 safest cities to live in Nigeria

By Gift

19 February 2020

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Every day when we turn on the news, it is filled with one negative report or another bordering on killings, kidnapping, rape and other forms of violence in the country. This has given foreigners and even some Nigerians the impression that the country is highly unsafe and horrible to live in. While some parts of the country are indeed unsafe, there are certain places still considered as the safest cities to live in Nigeria.

These cities have maximum security provided by the state government, low levels of violent crimes and religious crisis etc. In fact, these cities welcome thousands of tourists and foreign investors yearly. So, if you are thinking of settling down, visiting or working in Nigeria, in no particular order, these are the top 15 safest cities to live in Nigeria:


Lagos state, although maintaining the position of the most populated city in Nigeria for well over 10 years is actually one of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. Due to the population of the state, the government has authorised several security agents to protect the inhabitants of the state. It is not unusual to find the local police, Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC), and the likes patrolling around the same area at the same time.

Smaller communities/estates also have security guards who monitor people who enter or exit the environment. They also occasionally patrol the area to ensure that peace is being maintained. All these security personnel work hand in hand to protect citizens and tourists alike.

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The city of Enugu which shares the same name with its capital is another of the safest cities to live in Nigeria, if not Africa as a whole. According to a research conducted mid-2019, Enugu ranked as the safest state in Nigeria. The city, located at the Eastern part of the country comprises majorly of the Ibos who are business people.

It is also known to be calm, peaceful, filled with brotherly love and people who enjoy minding their businesses. Apart from being safe, the city is also filled with beauty and tourist attractions.


Located in Cross-River state, Calabar is the average Nigerian tourist?s dream city. The city is filled with tourist attractions, very neat, traffic is almost non-existent and is a huge supporter of nature. Calabar also has a low crime rate as the government of the state has put excellent security measures in place. This is especially important because the city attracts millions of tourists regularly.


The city of Ibadan is popularly known as the ?brown roof city? and centre of the Pan Yoruba race. It is called the brown roof city because of the number of old houses in the city. When viewed from the top of a hill, the city looks like it is covered with brown roofs. Ibadan is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria and among the safest to live in. It also has a rich history and cultural heritage, some of which have become sources of tourist attractions. Although the inhabitants of the city are traditional, they are very friendly and welcoming.


Abuja, the capital city of The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria is another one of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. It belongs to the middle belt states in Nigeria. The city is the seat of power as it houses the president of the Federal Republic and several other ministers and senators. Of course, wherever the president resides has to be super safe therefore, it is safe to say Abuja is safe. There are security personnel all around the city and street CCTVs. The city is also beautiful and highly conducive for its inhabitants.

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Contrary to the belief of most people, Jos is in fact a safe place to live, work or visit. The city is the capital of Plateau state which has the slogan ?home of peace and tourism?. There?s nothing less to be expected as the city and state live up to its slogan. Jos is referred to as the ?melting pot? of race and religion as you would find people from different tribes and of different religions living in harmony in Jos. The city also has a number of tourist centres which attracts visitors worldwide.


Though the security in the city is not as tight as some other cities, it is still safer than most cities in Nigeria. Ilorin is located in the Northern Area of Nigeria but up to 90% of its inhabitants are of the Yoruba tribe. The city enjoys a very central location receives lots of tourists and business people. It is also well serviced by road, rail and air transportation. Ilorin is also home to the world acclaimed University of Ilorin


Safest cities to live in Nigeria: Uyo

The Akwa-Ibom state government sets aside a huge amount for security yearly to keep the state safe. Uyo is the capital city of the state and holds lots of tourist attractions and delightful cuisines. The inhabitants of the city are friendly and visitors would always feel at peace and relaxed.


Owerri is the capital of Imo of state. It is known as the ?heartland? as it sits in the middle of the industrial cities. Owerri is one of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. The state government regularly puts a lot into maintaining security in the state. This makes it a perfect getaway when you need to unwind and relax. There are also good roads, higher institutions of learning and even nightlife is usually busy.


Benin City is another of the nation?s historical cities. It is the capital of Edo state and is located in the Southern part of the country. Benin City?s slogan is the city of peace and hope. Its indigenes are warm and friendly and the city is safe. It is not unusual to find various co-ordinated security patrol units across the state.

Ekiti (Ado-Ekiti)

Ekiti State

Ado-Ekiti is another one of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. Apart from being safe, the city is also blessed with natural resources such as gold, limestone, gemstone. Etc. It is also filled with tourist attractions and water resources. Ekiti state is also known to have the highest number of professors in Nigeria. The indigenes of the city are also quite traditional yet educated and the cost of living in the city is low.



The Ondo state capital, Akure is home to diverse religions comprising of the traditional worshippers, Muslims and Christians yet there co-exist peacefully. The city is also secured with little to no incidence of kidnapping or other forms of violent crimes. Akure is also less crowded so issues of traffic are unheard of. If you are not a fan of crowded places then Akure is for you!


Kebbi state is one of the safest Northern states in Nigeria. Its capital city is Birnin Kebbi is dominated by farmers and cattle rearers. Although the civilization level in Kebbi is low, visitors and tourists can still enjoy peace and serenity in the state.


Niger is another one of the safest states in Northern Nigeria. It is known as the power state as it houses the four major hydroelectric dams in Nigeria. Niger offers extremely safe and secure neighbourhoods.


Osogbo city

The city of Osogbo is in Osun state. It is another of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. Unlike most other cities in Nigeria, Osogbo has near-constant power supply so you do not have to worry about that. The residents of the state are also warm and welcoming, visitors would definitely not feel left out.

Having examined the top 15 cities that are safe to live in Nigeria, you can be convinced that the country is not as unsafe as we see in News reports.

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This an Ibadan outskirt. Post a picture from the city


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Please which part of Ibadan is best for business?

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21 February 2020

Thanks for your observation. It has been updated