Eat, Drink and Dance at Spice Bar

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Location: 44A, Adeola Adeku, Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 0808 020 8080
01 761 5555
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM

Spice Bar has grown to become one of the most sort-after restaurants on the island. This is largely due to the fact that it serves excellent Indian cuisines. Whatever your taste is, Spice Bar is sure to give you optimum satisfaction when it comes to eating delectable Indian cuisines, as its menu has a wide range of options. This restaurant is a good place for a romantic getaway as well as hanging out with family and friends. Also, meals at this restaurant are very affordable, so even though you’re on a budget, Spice Bar would be a good place to visit in order to have that tasty Indian Cuisine. Also, the Staff of this restaurant are known for being very friendly and hospitable. Spice Bar also offers you top-notch music experience in a very serene environment.

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Best Time to Visit Spice Bar

Spice Bar is poised to meet your feeding needs anytime you pay it a visit, albeit visiting Spice Bar in the evening is a great idea, as this is about the best to time to enjoy your stay at this restaurant. The music and the way the bar is lit in the evening coupled with the delicious meal is sure to wow you.

How to Get to Spice Bar

You can visit either Spice Bar either by using a taxi or by using the intracity bus. In the event that you want to use a taxi, you can book a taxi from anywhere you are in Lagos by using either Uber or Taxify Taxi services. If you want to go by intra-city bus, from CMS park, you can board a bus going to Bar Beach/Eko Hotel and alight at Adeola Odeku Street.

Special Events at Spice Bar

Spice Bar has a lot of entertaining events that would keep you engaged throughout your stay there. Apart from serving delicious dishes, Spice Bar also has a Live Band that would perform to your delight. Once in a while Spice Bar also organizes shows where they bring Guest Artistes to perform.

Spice Bar Food and Drinks Pricelist


Pudina Raita (Creamy yoghurt with tangy Indian spices) (N600)
Fresh Green Salad (N600)


Gulab Jamun (Cottage cheese & Khoya balls soaked in sugar syrup) (N700)
Rice Kheer (Creamy rice pudding made with milk) (N700)
Ice Cream Scoop (N500)

Tawa Delites

Tandoori ROTI / Plain Naan (N200)
Butter Naan / Plain Paratha (N300)
Garlic / Onion Naan (N300)
Mutten / Chicken Keema Naan (N800)
Pudina Paratha (N400)
Stuffed Paratha (N500)
Plain / Jeera Rice (N600)
Kesri Chawal (Saffron Butter Rice) (N800)

Dum Pukhi Biryani

Murg Dum Biryani (N2200)
Gosht Dum Biryani (N2200)
Veg Biryani (N2000)


Paneer Tikka (Cottage cheese marinated in Indian spices) (N1800)
Paneer Pudinna Tikka (Cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt) (N1800)
Paneer Achaari Tikka (Cottage cheese marinated in pickles) (N1800)
Bharwaan Aloo (Potatoes stuffed with vegetables) (N2000)
Makhmali Sekh (Mixture of green peas, potatoes, ginger and spinach) (N2000)
Tandoori Mushroom (N2000)
Kalmi Kebab (N1800)
Tandoori Platter (Mixture of cottage cheese, mushrooms and pineapple) (N2000)


Handi Murg (Chicken soaked in yoghurt) (N2400)
Murg Bahaar (breast of chicken cooked with spicy onion gravy) (N2400)
Murg e’ Khaas (Butter chicken) (N2400)
Dum Pukht Murg (Chicken cooked in tomato and onion gravy) (N2400)


Mutton Rogan Josh (Lamb pieces cooked in rich gravy) (N2000)
Bhuna Ghosht (Fried lamb cooked in Indian gravy) (N2000)
Rara Ghosht (Lamb pieces cooked in onion gravy) (N2000)
Ghosht Korma (Lamb pieces cooked in cashew nut gravy) (N2000)

Sea Food

Hyderabadi Fish Curry (N2000)
Methi Machi (fish marinated in lemon juice and ginger yoghurt) (N2000)
Prawns Balchao (N3500)

Spicy Bites

Papdi Chaat (Salad and diced potatoes) (N1000)
Dahi Bhalla (Balls of herbs immersed in creamy yoghurt) (N1000)
Onion / Spinach Bhajia (N1000)
Aloo Chana Chaat (Mixture of chicken, potatoes and onions) (N1000)


Chicken Seekh Kebab Roll (N2000)
Mutton Seekh Kebab Roll (N2000)
Paneer Kathi Roll (Cottage cheese and vegetables) (N1800)

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Other Interesting Places to Visit Near Spice Bar Include;

Silverbird Galleria

Location: 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm daily
Silverbird Galleria is a popular mall and a go-to hang-out location for people of all ages. The Galleria is a home to the first multiplex cinema screens in Lagos; with five cinema halls. Silverbird Galleria is also home to several service providers such as like mobile network offices, radio station, TV station, and of course the Silverbird Cinema. Silverbird Galleria is a modern Galleria with entertainment package where you can see the latest movies, live concert and shows, and stage play. It is about 0.7 miles from Spice Bar.

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