Riyom Rock: The Three-Rock Wonder


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Riyom Rock is located at Riyom Town, Jos- Akwanga Road, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. It is one of the most unusual rock formations in Nigeria. It is, in fact, several big rocks laid on top of each other, which is why it is referred to as the three rocks. This gigantic rock stands out as one of the most amazing and beautiful sceneries in Nigeria. It can aptly be described as a natural gallery that displays one of the largest sculptures in Africa. The area surrounding the Riyom Rock is popular for hikes.  The manner in which the boulders sit stately on top each other is sure to leave you mouth agape.

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History of Riyom Rock

Riyom Rock is located in Riyom Local Government of Plateau State, which is predominantly occupied by the Berom people. It is smaller in size than other rocks like Kasure Rock, Wase Rock, and Zuma Rock. It is noteworthy that these rocks have been arranged like this for thousands of years. Riyom Rock clearly defines one of the wonders of nature. This riveting enigma has over time become one of the major tourist attractions in Nigeria. Also, there seems to be a form of semblance between the rock’s formation and the geographical boundaries of the state.

Best Time to Visit Riyom Rock

Jos City and its surrounding environs (which includes Riyom Rock) generally experience a very cold weather, which is one of the factors that have attracted visitors to Jos and its surrounding areas. Against this backdrop, the month of November, which is the month that experiences the lowest amount of rainfall in that area, is a great time to visit. Visiting Riyom Rock in the month of November would also afford you the opportunity of witnessing the Nzem Berom Festival which is celebrated by the Berom people annually.

How to Get to Riyom Rock

If you’re visiting Riyom Rock from Jos city centre, you can book a taxi that would take you to Riyom Local Government Area where the rock is located. The distance between Jos City and Riyom rock is about 25 kilometres.


Things to do at Riyom Rock

Appreciate Nature’s Wonder

When visiting Riyom Rock, it’s important that you have your camera with you in order to capture all the beautiful moments at this amazing tourist location. At this rock, appreciate the wonder of nature, as you take a look at the way the gigantic boulders are balanced on one another. It is important you capture the 3-dimensional vistas of Riyom Rocks. Get an eyewitness look of the rocks’ resemblance to the map of Plateau State.

Go Hiking

You should also go hiking at this place. Remember to have your hiking gear, wear comfortable shoes and have your camera with you while going hiking. The rock is not too high, so climbing it wouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Join the celebration at the Nzem Berom Festival

The Nzem Berom Festival is celebrated by the Berom people (occupants of the area surrounding Riyom Rock) between the months of November and April. Take your adventure a notch higher by joining the hunting expedition carried out as a part of the celebrations.

How Much Will a Visit to Riyom Rock Cost?

Riyom Rock has only one entrance and you’ll find a good number of the indigene of Bezom sitting around this entrance. Thus, as a result of the plethora of tourists visiting this rock, you’ll be asked to pay a fee of N1000 or N1500, depending on how well you negotiate with them.

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