5 Ways to Have Fun Holiday at Epe Resort and Spa

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A trip to Epe Resort & Spa is synonymous with going to Wonderland. What’s more, Located in the heart of Epe precisely at  Itokin Road,  well away from the noise of the metropolitan city that is Lagos. It was established by Moorhouse Properties, a renowned Nigerian owned hotel group.  It is one of those fun-filled places that offer full value for your time and money.

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1. Plan to go in the Dry Season

From Victoria Island, there are several ways to get to Epe Resort. It takes approximately 60 minutes to drive to the Resort in good weather conditions. For a fun alternative, it takes 15 minutes by helicopter and 90 minutes by boat. However, if you are going to the resort in the rainy season, you will find that most means of getting there might become rather difficult.  And of course, no one like to be on the beach when it’s raining.

2. Pack Your Suitcase With All The Fun-time Essentials

When planning for a holiday at Epe Resort & Spa, there are certain items that should be taken along. These include swimming gear, moisturizer, sunscreen, light clothing, free sandals, sturdy sneakers, exercise gear, a face cap, sunglasses and any allergy medicine for emergency situations.

There are fun outdoor activities to do at this recreational centre. They have a tournament tennis court, suitable for players at all skill levels. This well-equipped tennis court is perfect for family and group tournaments. Other interesting activities to partake in are volleyball, paddle tennis, basketball, mountain biking and so on. There are also fun activities for kiddies to do like mini football, board games like chess, scrabble and monopoly and a kiddies swimming pool.


3. You Will Need Your ATM Card and Possibly A Lot of Cash

Epe Resort & Spa also has an onsite spa, restaurant and bar/lounge. Their rooftop restaurant features an impressive and extensive menu and an also offers an excellent view of the property. They offer both local and international cuisines and guests can enjoy a wide variety of meals after the fun physical activity of the day. Their fish special is also very deliciously made from the freshest fishes in the famous Epe fish market. Guests can also order a picnic basket full of exquisite meals picked carefully by the chef. The Resort is associated with the Culinary Academy in Ikoyi Lagos.

All these amazing adventures cost money, so make sure you have your  ATM Card on standby.

4. Prepare for Some Serious Pampering

At Epe Resort & Spa, there is a luxury spa where guests can go to get massages and beauty treatments, The spa features different relaxing head to toe treatments and some guests visit Epe Resort & Spa simply to enjoy the languid pleasures of the spa and their delightful Hammam Turkish bath.  There is also a fitness cum health centre at the Resort where guests can do cardiovascular and strength building exercises and have a great time sweating it out. The resort also has an indoor pool and an infinity pool for avid swimmers and beginners alike. Don’t worry, there are lifeguards by the pool to help avoid any mishap.

Epe Resort and Spa contains 40 tastefully designed and fully equipped rooms. The guest rooms are cozy and comfy and have enough room for guests to move around. Most of the rooms either have a King sized bed or twin beds. From the exquisitely furnished rooms, guests can either get a crystal view of the gardens or the pool from which are highlighted by the overhead viewing deck. The Resort also features rooms that are suitable for a family that wants to stay together in one unit. These rooms have interlinked rooms where kids can stay in close view of their parents without being in the same room.

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5. Go Along With Someone You Love

While a solo vacation is great, the resort is also wonderful for those looking for a getaway for your family or significant other during festivities like Easter, Christmas, Summer break or Long Vacation, Epe Resort and Spa is one of the best choices in Lagos that offers delightfully planned recreational physical activities. Kids are sure to have a good time partaking in any of these activities and adults too can have a good time here, away from the stress of work and life generally.

Epe Resort Contact Details

Telephone: 081 318 38014 / 081 752 90343 (operational between 9am and 5pm)
Address: Itoikin Road, Epe Lagos
Email: [email protected]

Epe Resort Services

Epe Resort, regarded as a paradigm shift in hospitality, and the home of luxury offers the following amazing facilities to its customers. They include:

  • Luxury rooms
  • Delicious cuisines
  • Amazing side attractions/ activities
  • Conducive conference halls
  • Spa

Epe Resort and Spa Prices

At the resort, there are three major room types which are;

The Superior Garden Room: 20 sqm for 43,000 Naira

The Deluxe Garden Room: 30 sqm for 53, 000 Naira

The Luxury Garden Suite: 50 sqm for 60,000 Naira

*The rooms come with important luxury and utility items. The rates are inclusive of complimentary breakfast for two people.

For more information, you may visit the official Epe Resort webpage, here.

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