Why you should avoid public gatherings

Public Gathering

Inspite of the various bans and restrictions being placed on public gatherings, people are still flaunting the laws. They are yet to understand the gravity of the risks and things at stake.  The corona virus pandemic keeps spreading at an exponential rate raising concerns over an imminent collapse of various healthcare systems if the numbers keep increasing.

How Public gatherings aid the spread of corona virus

Morroco Bans Public Gathering

Countries like Malaysia and South Korea are suffering the consequences of public gatherings. A 4-day religious event held at a mosque near Kuala Lampur attended by more than 20 countries has caused a spike in the number of cases in Malaysia. 714 new cases were linked to this event, 60% of the country’s total amidst fears that there are still potential carriers yet to be tested. Through this single gathering, 840 cases of the pandemic across Southeast Asia stemmed from the event.

In similar fashion, a religious cult with about 200,000 followers is also at the heart of the spiral in South Korea with over 3000 cases emerging from the church gathering that had hundreds of people in attendance. Up until the incident, South Korea only had 30 cases, the 31st case led to the hike and the numbers continue to increase.

This shows that engaging in any sort of public gathering is a threat to national security as it only takes just one infected person to create a large chain of the pandemic spread. This is the reason people are asked to refrain from public gatherings until the coast is clear.

Corona virus in Lagos

Temperature check

For a country like Lagos with a population of over 20 million people, it is highly important for people to practice social distancing considering the chaotic lifestyle for which the state is popularly known for. The number of confirmed cases of corona virus in Lagos currently stands at 32 according to the latest update by NCDC.

It is in the best interest of the nation for people to avoid public gatherings. This is the time to bring out the humanity in us, let’s look out for each other and ensure to spread love to one another.

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