Make yourself Productive during this self-isolation period

Staying Productive

We have all craved to have some spare time on our hands to do lots of things we planned out with our imaginations. Currently, the whole world is on lockdown in a bid to contain the outbreak and prevent exposure to the disease. The first few days of self-isolation might have been interesting but the latter days are becoming tiring that even the most introverted are attaining their peak.


Most are complaining of boredom and lack of productivity as they are so used to the routine lives they had that they don’t know what to do with the free time available. Self-isolation can be a bit of a threat to mental health so it is important to look out for activities to keep the mind and body together.

Things to do to keep you busy

  • Read some books
Reading a Book

Books tend to add knowledge and increase brain power. It could be a pile of recommended texts you’ve been postponing, start by picking one of them to read. Also, you could pick at random it could be a documentary, nonfiction, historical, or autobiographies. Additionally, ensure you pick up knowledge in new fields, psychology, science, art or anything that interests you. This way you keep your brain active and improve mental flexibility. There are various Ebook platforms such as Kindle, Anybook, iBook with millions of books accessible.

  • Start a fitness exercise
Workout Exercise

While in isolation, ensure you stay healthy and keep fit. You could start a workout challenge, dedicate an hour a day to routine exercises and keep track of your progress, also maintain a healthy diet to get excellent results. Another thing to try is Yoga, Yoga has been known to be beneficial to both body and soul. Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises, meditation and poses to improve flexibility and relax the body. It helps to reduce stress and improve quality of life.

  • Take courses online
Online Learning

Use this spare time to acquire new skills.  There are loads of discounted and free courses available online across different learning platforms. Make sure to maximize your time. New age skills that are on high demand include Business development, Data science and analytics, Cloud computing amongst others. Create a timetable and dedicate two hours every day to learning a particular course, in about four to six weeks, you would have attained a significant level of proficiency.

  • Clear out your home
Arranging your Home

We all have a couple of junkies in our home that do nothing but occupy space. Now we have enough time to clear them out. Take out old clothes you are no longer wearing from your closets, dust and arrange your bookshelf, modify the house setting to let room for more space, remember you have to practice social distancing with your household members even in self-isolation. Give your home a new look and feel fulfilled.

  • Pick up a new hobby
Playing a Guitar

Self-isolation has afforded you enough time to involve yourself in something new. Start a new hobby, maybe learn to play a musical instrument, learn a new language, start a blog or learn how to bake. There are numerous things you can delve into to keep your mind and body engaged. 

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