How to protect yourself from the coronavirus when going to the market

As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria keeps increasing geometrically, some of the people who do not see reasons to observe self-isolation or practice social distancing are now becoming more conscious of the widespread of the coronavirus pandemic.

As more companies are going remote, more people are staying indoors. People with compelling reasons to go out do so with an extra sense of carefulness. Regardless of the situation of things, there might still be a need to visit the market to at least buy necessary goods, provision or raw materials for local consumption. But then, how can one remain protected amidst the current coronavirus pandemic when going to the market?

Here is the summary of what you can do:

Cover your nose and mouth with facial mask

Image showing result of a man convering his face with nose mask as a preventive measure against coronavirus

Facial masks offer some form of protection as they prevent direct contact with most parts of the face. They block liquid droplets from the nostrils from dispersing to the air and they protect against hand-to-mouth-transmissions. However, they are not 100% efficient because they leave the eyes open and there is evidence that the COVID-19 virus can infect a person through the eyes. So do not be careless because you are wearing a face or nose mask.

Make use of protective gloves

image result showing protective hand glove against coronavirus

While the idea of wearing protective gloves sound nice when visiting a public place like markets, medical experts have revealed that it is more adequate to practice frequent handwashing as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 virus. It is advisable you remove the gloves and dispose them properly when you finally arrive at your destination and wash your hands properly with soap and water or a sanitizer containing at least 70% alcohol.

Practice social distancing

Image result for social distancing as a preventive measure against corona

Yes, it is possible to intentionally leave some gaps between yourself and other people if you have a compulsive reason to visit public places like a market. Avoid places in the market with clusters of people as possible as you can and be aware of people coughing or sneezing around you. There should be at least a gap of about 6 feet or 1 metre between you and the next person.

Learn more about self-isolation and social distancing here.

If visiting live markets especially in affected areas, It is important to avoid direct, unprotected contact with the live animals and surfaces that have been in contact with them.

It is also should be noted that raw or undercooked animal products should not be consumed at this time as they are at the risk of being exposed to viral particles. Extra care should be taken when handling raw meat, milk or animal organs to avoid cross-contamination with uncooked foods.

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