Travel Guide to Makurdi City

By Henry

12 July 2017

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  Makurdi is the Capital City of Benue State found in the North Central geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Popularly referred to as the food basket of the Nation, Benue State is the Country's foremost food producer.The City which lies along the Benue River has a Tropical Savanna Climate with an annual average temperature of 32 degrees centigrade. The City of Makurdi also boasts an estimated population of about 1,287,7977. This City is dominated by just three tribes; ?Tiv, Idoma, Igede and Etulo tribes. Being a top contributor to food production in Nigeria its market gets flooded in during the harvest days and has encouraged the high level of commercial activities that have flooded the city. ?The City has major markets which include the Wadata Main Market, the Wurukum Market, and the Modern Market. Due to the City's high Agricultural output, it comes as no surprise that the City of Makurdi has an array of great-tasting indigenous dishes which include the Okoho Soup usually served with pounded yam and the Benni seed soup. The City is suitable for all-year-round visits but prospective Visitors to the City would get a greater feel of the City and a deeper insight into the City's rich Cultural heritage if they schedule their visits to coincide with any of the City's numerous colorful festivals which include the Akata Festival, the Kwagh-hie Festival and the annual Food Festival which is a celebration of the City's impressive agricultural prowess. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

How To Get To Makurdi

Prospective travellers to the City of Makurdi have a few options to choose from on how to get to the City. These options include.

Travelling To Makurdi By Air

Persons planning on visiting the city via Air transport can make use of the Makurdi Airport situated along the Gboko-Makurdi expressway and managed by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria. Several Air transport operators in Nigeria operate local flights from different parts of Nigeria to the Airport. Alternative Airports to the Makurdi Airport located in surrounding Cities include the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu which has a distance of about 261 kilometres from the Makurdi metropolis and the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja with an average distance from Makurdi measuring about 322 kilometres. The average cost of travelling to Makurdi from Airports within Nigeria is 17,500 naira.

Travelling To Makurdi By Road

The city is connected by road to several neighbouring towns and cities: ?Enugu, Lokoja, Umuahia, Lafia and cities within Benue such as Gboko and Otukpo. Several Bus Mass Transit Companies and private commuters carry out shuttle services to Makurdi from these and other Cities across Nigeria. Prominent among these Shuttle service providers are the Benue Links with their park in Makurdi stationed opposite Access Bank at the Wurukum axis of the City and the God's will Transport Services at No. 27 Bank Road. The average cost of getting to Makurdi from the South Eastern part of the country is 3000 naira while it costs about 800 naira on the average to access the City of Makurdi via Road from States and Cities in Cities in the North Central part of Nigeria.

Travelling To Makurdi By Rail

Rail transportation had always been hugely patronized as a means of moving in and out of Makurdi and the entirety of Benue State as it provided a cheaper and more direct transportation option for farm produce harvested within the City and State to be moved for sale to other parts of Nigeria. However, the present near comatose nature of the Nigerian Railway Sector has greatly reduced the utilization of Rail transport to and from Makurdi. Nevertheless, there have been concerted efforts to resuscitate the Nigerian Railway sector as evidenced by the recent completion of the Makurdi- Portharcourt Rail line and its subsequent opening up to the Public for utilization.

Getting Around In Makurdi

There are a handful of ways available to Visitors to the City to move around within the City. These means of intra-city transport include the use of commercial motorbikes, tricycles, the mini-buses and the taxi cabs. The aforementioned intra-city facilitators with the exception of the motorbike drivers convey people and goods through specific routes to their destinations for a fee ranging between 50 Naira and 150 Naira depending on the distance to be covered. The motorcycles usually have no designated routes while the tricycles and taxi cabs can also be chartered by a passenger for a much higher fee.  

Things To Do In Makurdi

The City of Makurdi offers visitors a wide range of activities plus interesting sightings and places guaranteed to make the traveller's time in the city worthwhile. From shopping to attending any of the City's colourful festivals and visiting City landmarks, Visitors to this City will definitely be satiated with the experience.  

Free Things To Do In Makurdi

Visitors to the City who are on a limited/low budget can yet engage themselves in a couple of activities that would prove worthwhile and entertaining without constituting a strain on their finances. These free activities include Visiting the City's landmarks and places of interest. Attending/participating in any of Makurdi's cultural festivals Visit or attend places of worship within the City. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

How To Spend A Weekend In Makurdi

A weekend is such a short period of time for a Visitor to Makurdi who intends to fully explore the City and gain first-hand knowledge about the City and its people. However, we have mapped out a list of fun things a Visitor who is on a short stay time within the City of Makurdi can do within the short period of his stay. Enjoy a Boat Cruise on the River Benue Get acquainted with the City's local dishes Go on a shopping spree at the City's shopping Malls and Markets. Enjoy the City's nightlife at any of the City's bubbling night hangout spots. Go clubbing Lodge in a comfortable Hotel.  

Where To Shop In Makurdi

The City has a number of shopping centres where Visitors to the City can access a plethora of commodities. These shopping centres include:
  • Ndupet Plaza located at Katsina-Ala street where there are several shops held by independent businessmen and women who deal with a wide range of commodities and services which include photography, fashion items, and sports equipment.
  • Island shopping plaza at no 4 Atom Opera Road where there are different items like groceries, provisions and home implements on offer for purchase.
  • Two sisters Plaza in Iyiorcha Ago road where mostly clothing and fashion items are sold.
Makurdi also has a bunch of Markets which include the Wurukum market, the Modern Market, and the Wadatta Main Market. These markets deal mostly on food items cultivated and harvested within the City or State which include Yam, Rice, Maize plus Fruits And Vegetables.  

Places To Eat In Makurdi

The City of Makurdi being among the top echelon of food-producing Cities in Nigeria inadvertently means that the City would have a fairly high food consumption rate. The City of Makurdi has a number of restaurants that cater to the feeding needs of the City's populace and these include Steam Fast Restaurant at no 56 Kashim Ibrahim Road where indigenous and foreign dishes are served The Edomat Kitchen located along the Atiku Abubakar Road. Guests at this restaurant get treated to local soups and dishes alongside mainstream meals like fried and jollof rice plus moi-moi. The Golden Plate restaurant domiciled in the Jonah Jang Crescent where a variety of meals are sold alongside snacks and pastries. Other prominent eateries in Makurdi include the Tito Gate Restaurant and the Treaties Bukka.  

Nightlife In Makurdi

The people are a fun-loving set of human beings hence the vibrant nature of the City's nightlife. The City of Makurdi has a couple of night hangout spots which include bars and nightclubs such as the
  • Kalypso Lounge located along the Makurdi-Gboko Road. Here, fun lovers relax and enjoy scintillating music in a safe and secure environment over cold bottles of choice beverages.
  • The Tns Bar located along the Atom Kpera Road where Fun seekers get to be thrilled by excellent disc jockeys, and an assortment of beverages.
  • Other popular night hangout spots in Makurdi include the Double Bend Bar and the Lido Nite Club.

call 09024097929 to book a flight

Places Of Interest In Makurdi

The City of Makurdi has quite a number of tourist attractions which and interesting places to be explored by Visitors. These places include:

The Benue State University The Federal University of Agriculture The Aper Aku sports stadium

The Dajo Pottery

Dajo Pottery is where captivating creations of skilled potters are showcased. This will be a very dreamy place for tourists that like?art and creative projects naturally.

The National Gallery of Arts

Where artifacts that graphically illustrate the rich cultural heritage of the people of Makurdi and their environs are preserved.  

Where To Stay In Makurdi

The City of Makurdi provides a range of lodging facilities for Visitors to the City to utilize. These accommodation options come at various prices and capture travellers of different budget strengths.

Hotels For Low Budget Travelers

The Madonna Guest House

Located at Bewon Abonu street where guests get access to basic hospitality services like private bathrooms and security.

The Palm Garden Hotel

Situated at the Hudico quarters, High level. This lodging facility offers services such as comfortable rooms and fans at very affordable prices. The average cost of Hotels in this category is 3000 Naira.  

Hotels For Medium Budget Travelers

Hallyday's Hotel

Which is located at no 16 Daniel Shinji, Ankpa quarters and offers hospitality services such as air-conditioned rooms and car parking space.

Doos Palace Hotel

The hotel is situated beside Assemble quarters, Nyiman Layout. This facility provides regular power and private bathrooms with stand-in shower facilities. The average price for Hotels in this category is 9000 naira.  

Hotels for travellers on a High budget

The Benue Metropolitan Hotel

This hotel is on the high end which boasts a swimming pool and Restaurant. Located along Atiku Abubakar way this Hotel offers guests luxury and comfort.

The Hampton Mews Luxury Apartment Hotels

located at the St. Michael's Boulevard near the Federal road safety commission office in New GRA. This beautiful hotel boasts spacious rooms plus luxurious bedding and an outdoor pool. The average cost for Hotels in this category is 22,000 naira.

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