Travel Guide to Maiduguri

By Jessica Iwu

13 July 2017

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Maiduguri, also called Yerwa by its locals, is the capital and the largest city in Borno State, northeastern Nigeria. The city sits along the seasonal Ngadda River which runs?into the Firki swamps in the areas around Lake Chad. Maiduguri has an estimated population of more than a million. The city experiences two distinct seasons- rainy and dry season. The dry season begins in October and ends in April.?The precipitation level reduces from October, and the weather is usually pleasant and bearable. The rainy season begins in May and ends in September. The temperature is usually extreme, rising above 40 degrees Celsius during the day, and dropping to 24 degrees Celsius at night. The disparity in the temperatures during the day and night makes the city uncomfortable to stay in during this period. Even with these harsh temperatures, rainfall also occurs with the highest in August. Maiduguri has notable things that visitors would surely enjoy. They have big markets that serve different areas of the city. Some of them include the?Kasuwan Shanu Cattle Market, Sunday market Damaturu, Maiduguri Monday market, and Jagwal market. They also have notable places that would interest visitors. Some of these interesting places to visit in Maiduguri include?Sambisa Game Reserve, Kawuri, Lake Alau, Borno State Museum, Lake Tilla, Jarry Falls, Lake Chad Game Sanctuary, Rabeh's Fort, Dikwa, Lake Chad, Shehu of Borno Palace, and the Sanda Kyarimi Park Zoo. One major festival in Maiduguri is the Durbar Festival. The Durbar festival is the most popular festival held in Maiduguri. It is celebrated at the culmination of Muslim festivals Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha The dry season (October to April) is considered as the best time to travel to Maiduguri. The weather makes it easier for travellers explore this city in both days and nights. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

How To Get To Maiduguri

Maiduguri International airport is 10.7 km from the main city centre through the Kashim Ibrahim / Maiduguri Potiskum road, and it is also a 20 minute's drive. There are several options for travellers to move from the airport to the main city, and they are airport shuttles, taxis, and limos. Airport Shuttle These shuttles are found within the premises of the airport and they transport visitors from one area of the airport to another. This lessens the burden of moving luggage around travelling in cabs or taxis. Taxis Taxis are another popular option for leaving the airport to destinations within the city. As a result of the fact that they are gotten within the airport premises, they are a bit expensive.

Getting Around In Maiduguri

There are several ways of getting around in Maiduguri. The popular modes of transport in the city are buses, Keke napep, cars, bikes, and taxis.


Buses are a great means of moving around the city. They are always available at bus parks. Some of the buses move beyond the city into the other interior areas of the state. It is economical to use buses. The only reservation is that the buses might not take visitors to a particular destination but instead, stop at the closest bus stop to the intended destination.


Taxis are a more flexible way of getting around Maiduguri. Taxis are slightly more expensive to use than buses. They are usually found in their parks and are chattered from there. They offer maximum flexibility as a visitor could be driven to several destinations. The cost of using taxis depend on the distance to be covered and the bargaining power of the visitor. A fair understanding of the Hausa language would be a plus.

Keke Napep

The tricycle (Keke Napep) has over the years been incorporated into the transport system. The Keke is almost synonymous with the bikes in its ability to cover more interior locations within the city. It is safer to use than the bikes. The Keke is cheap to use, and they have parks where they can easily be gotten.


Bikes are the fastest way to get around Maiduguri. They are absolutely affordable and they are easily assessed because they are constantly on the road, ready anytime you need them. They easily reach the innermost parts of the city, and they are functional until late hours of the night.


Personal vehicles are by far the most comfortable way to get around the city. However, this is only possible if the visitor has a vehicle.

Major bus parks in Maiduguri

Young Shall Grow Motor parks

G.U.O Transport

Cross Country Transport

Things To Do In Maiduguri City

Maiduguri is a beautiful large city with many hills and beautiful vegetation, and there are many notable things to do for fun.

Free Things To Do In Maiduguri

Almost at no cost, you can have maximum fun in Maiduguri. Visitors interested in engaging in these free things can do the following:
  • Visit the Lake Alau to enjoy the view of the gently undulating landscape.
  • Mandara mountains?to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the natural border between Nigeria and Cameroon.
  • Borno State Museum, to learn the rich Borno culture, exploring the artefacts on display.

How To Spend 48 Hours In Maiduguri

Maiduguri is a beautiful historic city where visitors would love to be. There are several notable events and festivals that attract visitors. The city has several hills and lakes that are amazingly beautiful. The city has luxury hotels, restaurants and lounges, and there are also many interesting places to visit in the city. If you want to spend 48 hours in the city, this would be a perfect guide for you.

Where To Shop In Maiduguri

There are several markets available for visitors who want to explore the city. Some of these markets include:

Kasuwan Shanu Cattle Market

The market has cattle on sale at different prices arranged in different sections of the market.

Sunday Market Damaturu

The Sunday market has local food items on sale.

Maiduguri Monday Market

The Maiduguri Monday market has local food items, groceries and other household items. Items sold here are usually cheap.

Jagwal Market

The Jagwal Market is the Computer Village of Maiduguri. They have on sale gadgets, phone accessories, and the likes. They also do phone and electronic gadget repairs. The Jagwal Market is the Computer Village of Maiduguri. They have on sale gadgets, phone accessories, and the likes. They also do phone and electronic gadget repairs. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

Places To Eat In Maiduguri City

Predominantly, people of Maiduguri eat a lot of pounded Yam and Tuwo. There are a lot of northern soups that are simply amazing to taste. Tuwo shinkafa is their popular meal, also eaten by northerners in other states. Burabisco is very peculiar to them, best served with a spicy stew of meat and vegetables. They also love to eat Meltuble, a dish prepared with white zobo leaves and catfish. It is a must try for visitors. There are also several fruits and vegetables available in the city. Eating in the city costs about 400 Naira for one person. Fast foods, Bukkas, and Classy restaurants are available in Maiduguri. It is left for the visitor to decide which is most convenient.

Some Top Restaurants to try in Maiduguri City

Hannas Restaurant

It is located at Seun Lamido Way. They serve delicious local meals and cold drinks.

Down Town Take Away

It is located on Lagos street, Maiduguri. They serve tasty meals and they serve the sweetest shawarma.

Mr Bigg's

It is located at 4, Kirikasama road. The franchise offers Nigerian dishes, side by side international delicacies and assorted confectioneries.

Pizza Hot

Located on Ahmadu Bello way. They have confectioneries, beverages and Pizza on sale.

Places In Maiduguri City

Maiduguri has some top places that visitors should see. They include:

Borno State Museum

The museum is situated at the premises of the Open Theater within the state capital. It is an epitome of Borno?s famous history and cultural heritage which was collectively enriched by its heterogeneous ethnic groups. It is established primarily for the preservation, exhibition, promotion and research of the antiquities as well as the contemporary artworks, crafts and other historical artefacts of the people of Borno State.

Shehu of Borno Palace

The palace, Prominently located in Maiduguri metropolis reflects the grandeur, prestigious relics and modified architectural design of Arab civilisation. Built of burnt-bricks and constructed by the artistry of four famous Kanuri Masons and Architects.

Sanda Kyarimi Park Zoo.

The Zoological Park is situated within the metropolis along Shehu Laminu way Established in 1970 initially as a communal forest reserve, it has developed tie into a 42-acre wildlife sanctuary as well as a botanical park. It houses a lot of the animal species of great beauty and serves as a leisure for people especially during festivities.

Rabeh's Fort

It was Built in 1894 by Rabeh Ibn Fade-Allah as his headquarters after the successful invasion of the Borno empire. The fort is now a national monument and it is of great historical importance in the remaking of present Borno. Located in the town of Dikwa ? approximately 80 km north-east of Maiduguri.

Sanda Kyarimi Park Zoo

The Zoological Park situated within the metropolis along Shehu Laminu way. Established in 1970 initially as a communal forest reserve. Developed tie into a 42-acre wildlife sanctuary as well as a botanical park. Sanda Kyarimi park houses a lot of the animal species of great beauty and serves as a leisure for people especially during festivities.

Staying In Maiduguri City

The biggest city in Borno is always open to local and international visitors, offering them luxury hotels and budget hotels to serve any type of spender. ?While it may not be the popular opinion it is safe to say whatever your mission is to the capital city be it; official assignments, vacations on a spending spree or budget travellers a good number of hotels are available right after the Maiduguri International airport area making it easy to quickly settle down. The costs of these hotels depend on their location, and the services they render.

Some Top hotels in the city centre include:

Nanne and BOI Suites

25,000 naira per night

Prime Lodge and Apartment

22,000 naira per night

Muna Guest Inn

18,000 naira per night

Barwee Luxury Suites

13,800 naira per night

Dujima International Hotel

13,500 naira per night These hotels are all close to the Maiduguri International Airport. call 09024097929 to book a flight

Some cheap hotel options:

?Satus Hotel

10,000 naira per night

Desert View Suites

8,050 naira per night These hotels above come highly recommended

Tips for getting cheaper accommodation

One major tip for getting cheaper accommodation is to search properly. After all, you cannot know what a hotel offers unless you find out. There is no better way to find out the cheap hotels in Maiduguri than to use the internet. For the cheapest hotel rates in Maiduguri, visit

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