The Ultimate Guide For Travelling To Lafia

By Henry

29 June 2017

Lafia, a city found in Nassarawa State, the North-Central geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The City as the State?s Capital boasts an estimated population of 1,089,000 inhabitants. The City also has a Tropical Savanna Climate with an average annual temperature of 36 degrees centigrade. The People of Lafia City have an array of local delicacies which include Pate, Acha, Tuwo Masara. Other meals such as Tuwon Dawa, Tuwo Shinkafa and soups like the Miyan Kuka are also very popular in the City. Popular Markets in Lafia include the Karu International Market and the Lafia Central Market. Lafia also boasts a number of tourist attractions which include the Oku Akpa Rock and Picnic Center, the Numan Rocks and Hills plus the Hunki Ox-Bow Lake. Potential travellers to Lafia would get a much better feel of the City by scheduling their visits to coincide with any of the City?s festivities. Some of these festivals held include the Oyarere festival celebrated at the sighting of the Moon and the annual Fishing Festival held at the Hunki Ox-Bow Lake.

How to Get to Lafia

There are a number of transport options available to prospective travellers to the City. These include Traveling to Lafia by Air- Presently, the Nassarawa Cargo Airport located in Lafia is under construction and therefore intending Visitors to Lafia who wish to access the City via Air transport would have to make use of alternative Airports domiciled in neighbouring Cities. These Airports include the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja, the Kaduna Airport and the Yakubu Gowon Airport in Jos, Plateau State. The above-mentioned Airports are in States bordered by Nassarawa hence their relatively close proximity Lafia town. The average time for travelling by road to Lafia from these Airports is 1 hour 30 minutes and the average price of accessing these Airports from different parts of Nigeria is 17,900 naira.

Traveling to Lafia by Road

Lafia is accessible by Road from neighbouring Cities within States such as Benue, Kogi, Abuja, and Plateau. Several public transport companies offer bus shuttle services to the City from these and other Cities within Nigeria. Also, small-scale transporters also convey travellers from other parts of Nassarawa State and environs to Lafia. The average cost of travelling to the city by Road from the Southern parts of Nigeria is 6000 naira while it is 3000 from the Northern regions of the Country. Prominent among Road transporters to Lafia include the Aminu Transport Services with Bus terminal at New Nyanya and ABC transport with bus terminal along Jos Road.

Traveling to Lafia by Rail

Connected to the East line Railway axis and is served by the main narrow gauge railway that starts from Port Harcourt. Rail transport to the city from the South Eastern and South Southern plus Northern parts of the Country were popular but owing to the fact that the Railway sector In Nigeria is presently battling to regain its footing, travelling to the city by train has continued to grow less popular.

Getting Around in Lafia City

Moving around within the city is facilitated by intra-city transport service providers which include the commercial motorcycle riders, the tricycle operators, the Minibus drivers and the taxi shuttle Cab drivers. The option a Visitor settles for is based on his/her tastes and the size of the budget. The average price for the motorcycles, tricycles, and Minibuses is 100 naira while the taxi Cabs might charge commuters between 1000-2000 naira when they are chartered.

Things to do in Lafia

A wide range of fun and entertaining activities which include sight-seeing, shopping and sampling of Homegrown delicacies can be engaged in by Visitors within Lafia.

Free Things to do in Lafia

Visitors on a constrained budget can take advantage of a couple of free and/or inexpensive activities that would both be entertaining and cost-effective. Some of these activities include
  • Attending and participating in any of the City?s numerous festivals like the Ox-bow lake fishing festival
  • Visiting City landmarks and tourist attractions like the Keana Salt Village and the Akiri Warm Springs.
  • Going to places of worship such as the Revival Pentecostal Assembly and the Lafia Central Mosque.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Lafia

Forty-eight hours would never be enough for a Visitor to fully enjoy all the thrills that the City of Lafia has to offer. The guide below is meant to help Visitors who would be spending a limited period of time to derive as much entertainment from the City before the expiration of their stay. Fun things a Visitor to Lafia can do in 48 hours include
  • Visiting the City?s tourist attractions
  • Enjoying a ride around the City
  • Getting treated to the City?s homegrown cuisines
  • Going on a shopping spree at the City?s Malls and Markets.
  • Hanging out at any of the City?s bubbling hangout spots
  • Lodging in a convenient Hotel.

Where to Shop in Lafia City

The City has a couple of Malls and Markets from where Visitors can purchase commodities of different varieties. Some of these Malls include The Sani Sani Plaza located in the heart of the Lafia City metropolis. This shopping centre offers a range of commodities which include domestic utilities, office equipment, and clothing materials. The Danmaje Shopping Complex situated along Science School Road where Customers can purchase a variety of items ranging from kids toys to stationery and fashion items. Other shopping centres include Ask Plaza. Markets in Lafia include: Karu International Market where buyers can purchase several food items including cheap clothing. Lafia Central Market where buyers can get edible items such as meat, yam, and grains alongside non-edible items like clothing and toiletries. Other markets include the Lafia International Market.

Places to Eat in Lafia

The City has a number of eateries where Visitors to the City can get decent homegrown and foreign dishes. Also, food hawkers and roadside food vendors also offer food to the City populace. Some of these Restaurants and Fast-food spots in Lafia include Mr Biggs Restaurant with branches spread across the City from where Customers can get basic meals and pastries. Jenase chops where Customers get offered foods and snacks like cakes, burgers, hotdogs, plus assorted fresh juice, ice cream and grilled fish and chicken. This popular eatery is situated in millionaire?s quarters Lafia beriberi. The average cost of a meal from food hawkers or roadside vendors is 200 naira while it would cost about 750 Naira to get a meal at the upscale restaurants.

Places of Interest in Lafia

There are several interesting places to see and explore in the City. Some of these places include Oku Akpa Rock and Picnic Centre ? This is a serene and blissful environment ideal for intimate moments with family or loved ones. Visitors to this place can engage in activities like mountain climbing and hunting. Akiri Warm Spring ? This body of liquid produces crystal-clear warm water believed to have medicinal powers. Peperuwa Lake ? This elongated natural lake has an estimated surface that exceeds 7 kilometres in length and about 4 kilometres in width. This lake is a habitat for aquatic creatures like fishes and water ducks. Eggon Hills and Caves- These hills exceed heights of 30 meters and they have rocks shaped like kopjes and inselbergs.

Staying in Lafia

The City has an array of temporary accommodation facilities that cut across different budget classes. Hotels in Lafia that Visitors on different budget categories can utilize include Hotels for Low budget travellers such as: Tino Hotel located at Bukan Sidi opposite the CBN site offers a range of basic hotel services at a relatively low price. Sandaji Chalets- This is another low costing Hotel which Visitors on a limited budget can take advantage of. Sandaji Chalets boasts services like regular power and air-conditioned rooms all at cheap and affordable rates. This Hotel is situated along the Jos Road. The average cost of spending a night in lodging facilities under this category is 3,500 naira

Hotels for Medium Budget travellers like

Hilcon Royal Hotel ? This Hotel stands opposite the Nassarawa Polytechnic. It provides basic lodging facilities such as adequate car parking space and ensuite bathrooms. The Global Village Suites- This Hotel located along the Abuja-Keffi Expressway offers guests great hospitality services at affordable prices. The average cost of a night in Hotels that fall under this category is 7000 naira

Hotels for High Budget travellers in Lafia include

Taal Conference Center ? This Hotel located along Jos Road offers good Hotel services in an environment of serenity. Goream Hotel- Situated along Shendam Road and boasts facilities like a large outdoor pool and sufficient parking space. The Average cost of Hotels in this Category is 14,000 naira. Hotel accommodation in Lafia may be more difficult to secure during the Festive periods. For further information about cheaper Hotels go to

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