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Travel Guide to Jalingo City

Jalingo, a city located in Taraba State exactly in the middle of the North East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The City is also the State?s Capital and boasts an estimated population of about 765,866 City inhabitants. Like the many other states that surround Jalingo, it has a climate of Tropical Savanna Climate with an annual average temperature of 34 degrees centigrade. There are a couple of Markets in the capital city and these include the Jalingo new Modern Market and the Gindin Doruwa Market. The City also has a rich cultural heritage showcased by the City ?s numerous festivals which include the Kati Harvest Festival, the Yonko Yam Festival, and the Asamu Festival. Jalingo offers Visitors an interesting array of tourist attractions with some of these landmarks located within the City and some others just on the outskirts. Some of these tourist attractions include the Mambilla Plateau, the Gashaka-Gumti National Park, and the Marmara Crocodile Pond. Also, Visitors have a plethora of mouthwatering cuisines to choose from some of them are the Tuwo Masara, Tuwo Shinkafa, and the Miyan Kuka. Temperatures in Jalingo gets as high as 40 degrees centigrade in the dry seasons. Prospective visitors to Jalingo who are not favourably disposed to extreme weather may be better off with scheduling their visits to fall between May and September when the Weather in the City is at its coolest. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

Getting To Jalingo

Travelling to Jalingo can be facilitated by a number of means which include:

Travelling by Air

The city has a single functional airport that prospective travellers coming to the City and will prefer travelling down in via. This airport underwent a massive upgrade that climaxed in 2014 is directly accessed by a number of local airlines from different parts of Nigeria. The average cost of travelling to Jalingo by air from places within Nigeria is 18,000 naira.

Travelling by Road

Jalingo is connected by Road to neighbouring Cities and States which include Yola, Gombe, and Bauchi. Several Bus transport companies offer shuttle services from these neighbouring Cities and other parts of Nigeria to Jalingo. These Bus Transport Companies include the Waidun Ahadun Transport Company with a Bus Park at no 18 Majidadi Road and the Mallam Mohammed Transport services with a terminal and bus park at the Millionaire street in the GRA axis of the City. Several smaller transporters also convey people from other parts of Taraba to Jalingo. The average cost of travelling to Jalingo by Road from places in Northern Nigeria is 2500 naira.

Getting Around In Jalingo

Moving around in Jalingo is facilitated by a handful of intra-city transport providers which include the commercial motorbikes known as Achaba, tricycle operators, and the Minibuses plus taxi Cab operators. The average cost of a trip from one point in Jalingo to another via these intra-city transport options is 70 naira.

Things To Do In The City

There are a number of interesting and fun things which the City of Jalingo offers Visitors. From shopping centres to tourist attractions and local delicacies, Visitors to Jalingo have a number of fun activities they can engage in that promise to be both exciting and rewarding.

Free Things To Do In The City

Visitors to the City who are operating a tight budget have a couple of fun activities that they can engage in within the City without having to stretch their finances or exceed their budgets. Some of these activities include
  • Visiting the City?s numerous landmarks and tourist attractions
  • Attending any of the City?s colourful cultural festivals
  • Visiting/Worshipping at the City?s religious Centres like the Mosques and Churches.

How To Spend 48 Hours In Jalingo

Forty-eight hours, you might think; is not ample time for Visitors to the City to fully explore the Sights and Sounds the City has to offer. However, Visitors to the City of Jalingo who have a limited time to spend within the City can use the guideline we have provided below to maximise the fun derived from their stays within the City. These include activities such as:
  • Taking a Ride across the City
  • Enjoying the City?s local dishes
  • Going on a shopping spree at the City?s Malls and Markets
  • Unwinding at any of the City?s Bars and Lounges
  • Lodging in a Cozy Hotel.

Where To Shop In Jalingo

Jalingo has a number of shopping Malls where Visitors to the City can purchase a variety of items. A few of these shopping Malls include

Yakubu Shopping Plaza

This Shopping Center located along the Hammaruwa Way in the heart of the City metropolis offers buyers a range of items from groceries to household equipment and provisions.

AUK Kirbi Shopping Complex

Located along the Buba Ardo Road, this Shopping complex offers buyers a range of items which include fashion, office equipment, and accessories. Other prominent shopping Malls in Jalingo include the Shazaddeen ?Shopping Plaza and the Hassan Bappa Plaza. ?The city also has a number of Markets from where Visitors to the City can get their wares from. Some of these Markets found in Jalingo include the;

Jalingo New Modern Market

The Jalingo new modern market is Located along the Jolly Nyame way from where buyers can get foodstuff, cheap clothing, and household provisions.

C.B.C Furniture and Building Materials Market

The C.B.C market is situated along the Danbaba Suntai way. Visitors to Jalingo can get an assortment of furniture and building Materials from this Market. ?Other Markets in Jalingo include the Gindin Doruwa Market and the Jalingo Central Market.

Places To Eat In Jalingo

Visitors can get most of their food demands from the numerous hawkers and roadside food vendors that litter the City metropolis such as the suya and fura d? nunu sellers. However, there are a bunch of conventional Restaurants which tourists can patronise and these include; The Aunty Peace Restaurant located at Roadblock roundabout. This Restaurant offers local and foreign dishes plus Pastries and other snacks. Some other eateries in Jalingo include the Royal Kitchen and the AIM Restaurant. The average cost of getting a decent meal in Jalingo is 400 naira.

Places Of Interest In Jalingo

The City has a number of tourist attractions which can be found in the City or in areas that have close proximity to the city. These interesting places include:
  • The Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve which is made up of over 50 different kinds of tall trees
  • The Mambilla Plateau which is over 1,800 meters above sea level and also has winding roads that lead to the peak of the Plateau.
  • The Gashaka-Gumti National Park which has several wild animals like Elephants, Chimpanzees, and Lions.
  • Barup Timga Waterfalls found within the Gashaka-Gumti Park boasts a height of over 50 meters.
  • The Marmara Crocodile Pond which is a habitat for numerous crocodiles of varying sizes

Staying In Jalingo

There are a number of lodging options available to Visitors to Jalingo. The Lodging Facilities settled for are based on preference and budget strength. Below is a list of different hotels for Visitors on different budget plans.

Hotels for Travellers on a low budget- These include:

Utopia Hotel

Located along the Cathedral Mile 6. This Hotel offers comfortable lodgings at very cheap prices.

Magami Hotels

Situated in the Magami part of the City?s metropolis where Visitors can get basic hotel services at affordable rates. The average cost of spending a night at Hotels in this category is 2000 naira.

Hotels for Travellers on a Medium Budget ? These include:

De Bas Hotel

Located near Water Resources, FGGC Road. This Hotel offers king sized beds, flat screen television, sets, and refrigerators.

Eloheem Suites

Situated off Hamaruma Way. This Hotel offers adequate parking space and regular power supply. The average cost of lodging for a night at Hotels in this category is 5,500 naira

Hotels for Travellers on a High Budget ? These include

Sanaf Suite

Found along the Cathedral Mile 6 axis and boasts facilities like an exotic lobby and luxurious bedding.

Taraba State Hotel Annex

Situated along the Yola Road, this Hotel boasts flat screen television sets and in-room sofas. The average cost for Hotels in this category is 11,000 naira. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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