Travel Guide to Ado Ekiti City

By Clarke

13 July 2017

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For Ado Ekiti an apt description would be a city on the hill. That's because of Ado Ekiti, popularly called Ado-the capital of Ekiti State- is located on hills and mountains. The South Western city is predominantly occupied by the Ekiti, a sub-ethnic group of the Yorubas. The city is the trade centre in a farming region where yams, cassava, grain, cotton, and tobacco are grown. Christianity, Islam and traditional religions are all practised. Ekiti State is situated in mainly an upland zone rising over 250 meters above sea level and one of the many natural features of the state is the abundance of hilly mountains that surround the entire state. February and March are the hottest months of the year in Ado Ekiti. Rainy season in Ado Ekiti is between April and October. Ekiti State is situated in mainly an upland zone rising over 250 meters above sea level and one of the many natural features of the state is the abundance of hilly mountains that surround the entire state. February and March are the hottest months of the year in Ado Ekiti. Rainy season in Ado Ekiti is between April and October. Ekiti State is situated in mainly an upland zone rising over 250 meters above sea level and one of the many natural features of the state is the abundance of hilly mountains that surround the entire state. February and March are the hottest months of the year in Ado Ekiti. Rainy season in Ado Ekiti is between April and October. call 09024097929 to book a hotel Higher institutions of learning in Ado Ekiti include the University of Ado Ekiti (now called Ekiti State University), Afe Babalola University, Federal Polytechnic. Ado Ekiti also has two local television stations and radio stations namely; NTA Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State Television, Radio Ekiti, Progress FM, Ado Ekiti. The population of Ado-Ekiti as at 2006 was 308,621. Despite the presence of the State Government, Ado Ekiti is also administered by Kings. The kings of Ado Ekiti include Ewi Adewumi Agunsoye (1910-1936), Ewi Anirare Aladesanmi (1937-1983), Ewi Samuel Adeyemi (1984-1988), Ewi Adeyemo Adejugbe (1990-date).

How to get to Ado Ekiti

When embarking on a journey to Ado Ekiti, you can use either road transport or air transport. Akure Airport is the closest airport to Ado Ekiti. You can find direct flights from airports in Abuja and Lagos, to Akure. Overland Airways and Arik Air are examples of airlines that fly to Akure. The average cost of the flight is N30, 000. When you alight from the plane, there are buses and taxis ready to transport you from the Akure airport to Ado Ekiti. The journey to Ado Ekiti, from Akure, would take you about 1 hour 30 minutes. In the event that you are travelling by Road, you should know that Ado Ekiti is accessible by road from any part of the country. Although, from the East, South-South, and North, you may not readily find a direct bus to Ado Ekiti whichever bus you enter, highlight at Ibadan, from where you will surely find a taxi or bus going to Ado Ekiti. The journey from Ibadan would take about 3 hours 30 minutes. The average cost of travelling from Ibadan to Ado Ekiti is N1,000. You can also find a direct bus from Lagos to Ado Ekiti, which would cost you about N2,000 and take you about 5 hours.

Getting Around Ado Ekiti

Getting around Ado Ekiti is pretty easy. They do not really any serious traffic congestion in the city. Taxis, Motorcycles, and Buses are the means of transport used within the city. Although, most people use Taxis and Motorcycles due to their ease of access. The average cost of transport within the city is N100.

Things to Do in Ado Ekiti

There are a number of fun places to go and exciting things to do in Ado Ekiti. Ado Ekiti has so many attractive places to visit such as historical monuments, natural attractions, adventurous as well as entertaining activities to do, places to eat and drink. On your arrival in Ekiti, visit the Ikogosi Warm Springs. The confluence of hot spring and cold spring meeting at a point and then flowing down as a single stream is an amazing sight to behold. Your next stop should be the Fajuyi Memorial Park. It is a recreational park that It has a mini-museum, restaurant, tower etc. It is a good place to relax. Visiting one of the oldest secondary schools in Ado Ekiti, Christ? School, is a good way to spend your time. The school has produced people like Ayo Fayose, Kayode Fayemi etc. Your journey up to the top of this school might be debilitating because of the hilly geography of the area because that is the only way you would be able to explore the school. You should visit the Ewi?s Palace, the King of Ado Ekiti. The palace architectural edifice and the historical edifice present in the palace is a must-see. Also, visit one of the best eateries in Ado Ekiti, Portofino. Your trip to Ado would be incomplete if you don?t get to taste the delicious local and continental meals prepared in this restaurant. Your trip to Ado would be incomplete if you don?t get to taste the delicious local and continental meals prepared in this restaurant. Peradventure you have not tasted the flour bread Ado Ekiti, it's an understatement to say the tender well-done flour product from the bakeries of Ado Ekiti is good, good is an understatement. Somehow the city bakeries have found a recipe to roll out top quality flour bread. Pay a visit to the Oroke Ewo war centre, in order to see the wonders of African magic. Visiting the Erinjiyan sacred river is also a good idea, the river which is ridden with sacred fish that must never be killed or eaten for a sacred reason, of course, attracts inquisitions from visitors. You should also make a stop at the Oja-Oba market, where you can get almost anything you need to buy. In the event that you want to get something related to computers and electronics, visit the Fayose market. Remember, your camera must be with at all times. The Ado Ekiti map would help navigate your way around these fun places.

Free Things to Do in Ado Ekiti

On a budget? Worried if you can visit Ekiti and still have fun? The answer is yes. You can visit the Fajuyi Park and just relax, while the enjoying the serene environment. It is open to tourists and visitors. The Ikogosi warm springs are also open to tourists and visitors You are to go there, enjoy the sight and take pictures.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Ado Ekiti

Ado Ekiti has a lot of fun places. So, you have a short time to spend and you?re concerned,?right? Here?s a perfect guide on how to spend a short time there and still get the best of Ado Ekiti. Start your adventure by paying a visit to the Ewi?s palace. It is generally regarded as a mini-museum, due to its collection of historic artefacts. This is especially good for lovers of history, as it this would afford you the opportunity of getting firsthand information on the history of the Ekiti people. You should visit the Ikogosi warm springs, as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ado Ekiti city. This would surely take up the whole of your first day. Please, do not forget to carry your camera along with you. Visit the Oroko Ewo War centre, as you would see how powerful magicians in Ekiti can be. Are you with Kids, family or friends? There?s a perfect way to spend this short time together. You should visit the Fajuyi Memorial Park. It?s a good place to hang out. There are a lot of fun activities that to engage in, at that the park. The park has facilities like children playground, restaurant, water sports etc. You should also visit Portofino to taste delicately prepared local and continental dishes in Ado Ekiti. You would enjoy the taste of their local foods, especially. Also, ensure that you don?t forget to buy a loaf of bread in Ado Ekiti. The taste of the bread would make you know that life is good.

Where to Shop in Ado Ekiti

Fayose Market

It is the most popular computer and mobile phone market in Ekiti state. Retailers and final consumers go to the market to get their respective products. The address of the market is Shop B8, Ado - Ikere Road, Ado-Ekiti. It is open between 8 am and 6 pm.

Oja-Oba Market

This is a very popular market. It is the market that can cater for just about any need you have. The market has things like foodstuffs, clothing, electronics, etc. Whatever the need is, Oja-Oba market would solve it. It is located opposite the palace of the traditional ruler of Ekiti. It?s open for business between 6 am and 9 pm. Goods are cheap and affordable.

Mojere Market

This is a relatively smaller market than the Oja-Oba market. It mainly deals in the sale of food items like Garri, meat, beans etc.  

Places to Eat in Ado Ekiti

Portofino Eatery

Located at Opopogboro road, Adebayo Ado Ekiti, Ado - Iworoko - Ifaki Road, Ado Ekiti. A much talked about restaurant in Ado Ekiti and commonly regarded as the best eatery in Ado Ekiti city. It offers both Continental and African dishes. It has a good environment and excellent customer service. Opens between 8 am and 10 pm.


Situated near Government House, Ado, Ado Ekiti. Offers delicious continental dishes and pastries. It is open to customers between 7 am and 10 pm.

Captain Cook

Located at Ado - Ikere Road, Ado Ekiti. Opens between 8 am and 9 pm. It offers continental dishes and pastries. Also offers deliciously prepared ice cream.

Chicken Republic

It is located at New Iyin Road, Ado Ekiti. It offers continental dishes. For the best of chicken in Ado Ekiti, visit this restaurant, It opens between 7 am and 9 pm.


This is a popular outdoor restaurant in Ado-Ekiti that serves barbecued fish and goat meat pepper soup. It is located at 138 Ajilosun Road, Ado-Ekiti.

Godfather Restaurant & Bar

Known for its delicious Nigerian dishes like fish pepper soup, Godfather is a popular restaurant in the heart of Ado Ekiti. Here guests can also enjoy an assortment of drinks and a live band on weekends. It is located, Opp. High Court, Fajuyi Road, Ado-Ekiti. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

Places of Interest in Ado Ekiti

Ado Ekiti has a lot of fun places, which have enticed visitors and tourists over time. They include;

Christ School

Established in 1933, it was one of the oldest secondary schools in Ado Ekiti.?A hilly school, It has produced many dignitaries, including two governors of Ekiti state. It has a very rich library and is a good tourist destination in Ado Ekiti.

Erin Ayonigba Sacred Fish River

This is a river that contains a colony of sacred catfish, not consumable and highly forbidden. The myth has it that a strange woman who migrated to the town metamorphosed into the river and that the fish are her children. Hence, it is a taboo to kill the fish and that if this is done, the fish will not cook however long the period of cooking. Also, the person who kills any of the fish will never be prosperous in life. Tourists visit the river to see this strange occurrence and the coming out of the fish in hundreds.

Esa Cave, Iyin Ekiti

This is located in Iyin Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun LGA. The cave is capable of containing about thirty-four thousand people at a time and it is believed to have shielded the people of the town during the internecine wars in Yoruba land.

Ewi?s Palace, Ado Ekiti

The palace which is an epitome of a traditional architectural edifice offers an opportunity for the visitors to learn more about the cultural heritage of Ekiti people. The palace houses a large number of historical artefacts relating to the establishment of Ekiti.

Fajuyi Memorial Park

Located in Ado Ekiti, this is a triangular park where the late Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi who was the Governor of the old western state during the military regime was buried. He was Killed along with General Aguiyi Ironsi, former Head of State in a Military coup in 1966. The park is equipped with a fountain, water sport, games, children playground, tower, mini museum, restaurant and bar for visitors and tourists. It is also suitable for meetings, religious retreats, seminars, workshops etc.

Ikogosi Warm Spring

The Ikogosi warm springs in Ikogosi, Ekiti West LGA is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is a confluence of hot spring and cold spring meeting at a point and then flowing down as a single stream.The Ikogosi warm springs, situated in a dense forest that extends over a hilly landscape, with tall trees around the confluence of warm and cold springs providing a tall canopy that can host tourists and other visitors to the.

Ipole-Iloro Waterfall

Located on the other side of the Effon Ridge, away from the better-known Erin-Ijesha, the Ipole-Iloro waterfall is another scenic cascade set in forested hills. It?s worth stopping by if passing and it now has some recreational facilities.

Oroke Ewo War Centre

Located about 2km to Ilupeju Ekiti along the Ibele Araromi road. A preserved site of a war between warriors from Ilorin led by their warlord, Ali and the Egosi Kingdom led by Oloseru, Elewere, Oloyagba, Olowotoranse in the 18th century. During the war, Egosi warlords displayed magical powers that allegedly turned their enemies (Ali) to a stone named Odidi Mode, while his seat and calabash charms were also turned to stones.

Staying in Ado Ekiti

There are a lot of options when it comes to Hotels in Ado Ekiti. They include;

Pathfinder Hotel

This is one of the most visited hotels in Ado Ekiti. Provides you with a home away from home experience, through its exotic and beautiful ambience. With a serene and homely overview as well as a beautiful interior decoration. It has facilities like restaurant, lounge, swimming pool, event hall etc. Provides services like airport pickup, car hire, adequate security etc. Located a the University of Ado Ekiti, Iloku, Ado Ekiti. Rooms in this hotel cost between N8, 280 to N35, 600 per night.

Midas Hotel

Located at 15-19, Midas Avenue, Iwokoro Road, Ado-Ekiti. Rooms at the Midas Hotel have a great interior decoration and come fitted with room facilities such as a restaurant with kitchen and dining, a luxurious king-sized bed, telephone, air conditioning, fitness centre with a well-equipped gym, flat screen television set with multi-channel satellite TV connectivity, work desk and chair, refrigerator, wardrobe, private bathroom fully fitted with state of the art shower facilities, a bedside drawer and wireless internet connectivity. It also offers services such as regular power supply, laundry, car hire, and room service. Rooms in this hotel cost between N12, 000 to N160, 000 per night.

De Jewels Apartment

Situated at 2 Olatunji Street, Opposite Immigration Office, Off Federal Polytechnic Road, Ado Ekiti. It offers services such as free internet service, 24 hours electricity, a bar, a restaurant that serves both Nigerian and Continental dishes, secure and adequate parking, free use of the gym and sauna as well as a serene and cosy environment for relaxation. Optimum customer satisfaction is a very key principle of De Jewels Apartment. Rooms in this hotel cost between N8, 000 to N54, 000 per night.

Prosperous Royal Hotel And Resort

Located Opposite Bawa Housing Estate, Kilometer 4, State University Road, Ado Ekiti, Ado-Ekiti. A budget hotel situated in the middle of the town which makes it easy to get to anywhere you are headed in a reasonable time. It provides facilities like a jacuzzi, bar, laundry, parking garage, etc. it also provides services like constant electricity, room service, free wifi etc. Rooms in this hotel cost between N8,500 to N14, 000 per night.

Abuad Inn

Located at Afe Babalola University, KM 8.5, Afe Babalola Way, Ado-Ekiti. Luxuriously built hotel located in a relaxed and serene environment with elegant furniture. Facilities like a jumbo-sized bed, couches and cushions, a work table, wall framed art, a bedside lamp etc. The hotel also offers a boutique for you to shop from, fitness centre to help you stay in shape, a swimming pool for your relaxation, a restaurant, and bar that offer the best drinks and delicacies. Rooms in this hotel cost between N10, 000 to N35, 000 per night. call 09024097929 to book a flight


Over time, Ado Ekiti City has developed from a virgin city to a colossus. Thus, it?s a great place to visit because it has a lot of fun places. There are several ways to stand out, one of which is to go to the hills of Ado Ekiti. Want to stand out? Welcome to Ado Ekiti.

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