How to spend 48 Hours in Akure

By Hazel

13 July 2017

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Akure,?which is the capital city of the Ondo state, is one of the most important cities of Nigeria. It is about 700?km Southwest of?Abuja?and 311?km north of?Lagos State. Akure is the trade centre for a farming region where cocoa, yams, cassava, corn and tobacco are grown. While Akure City is a major trading point and city centre, it is also a destination point for people looking to experience the attractions around Akure City such as the Idanre Hills, Owo Museum of Antiques, Ebomi Lake Tourist Center and Igbo Olodumare while staying in the centralized more urban Akure City. You will definitely have a fulfilling experience in the city of Akure. If you want to see the best of Akure in a short period of time, check out this 48 Hours in Akure guide. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

48 hours in Akure: Day 1

You should plan to stay in the centralized Akure city and its districts; this is an area where the major interesting activities take place. There are a number of?budget hotels around the area, such as?Sunview Hotel and Solton International Hotel & Resort.

Morning: Delicious breakfast, a visit to the Deji of Akure?s palace and the Cave Ashes

After a quick breakfast at either chicken republic or finger link restaurant, a tour around the city would be a great idea. Starting off with The Deji of Akure?s palace, the traditional home of the town's ruler is where you will be able to find the cultural heritage that explains the people's story perfectly. Then, the Cave Ashes is located in Isharun, which is referred to as the home of the oldest pre-historic man in West Africa. Its skeleton was discovered by Professor Thurstan Shaw - who was at the University of Ibadan at the time.

Afternoon: Lunch and Siesta

Most of the hotels in Akure city have restaurants that provide good and quality meals. Have a sumptuous meal and relax afterwards. A short nap is needed to prepare you for the evening tour.

Evening: A visit to the Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre

The Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre is a place to see in the evenings. It is not far from Akure, the Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre is located in Ipesi, in Akoko South-East. You can come here and glean a thing or two from the culture of the people. A lot of people are always coming here for relaxation and to explore nature.

48 hours in Aba: Day 2

Breakfast, a visit to the Igbokoda Waterfront and Mega supermarket.

For a classic and mouthwatering breakfast, Mama Put, located in Akure, is a place you wanna be, customer friendly and good meal.?Best known for locals and also classic. Then, a visit to the Igbokoda waterfront is one of the longest bodies of water in the country. The vast expanse of water makes for an exciting fishing expedition and the scenery is beautiful. A stop at Mega Supermarket to shop for?groceries, fresh meats, amazing fresh vegetables and fruits, cheeses, coffee, and much, much more at lower prices would be ideal.?There is quality Food with attractive pricing.

Afternoon: A visit to Olowo?s Palace, Owo and Shoprite store, Akure mall

The Olowo?s Palace, Owo is the largest in Yoruba land covering a 99-hectare piece of land to the west of the town. There are over 100 ancient courtyards of which 17 are still intact. Shoprite store, Akure mall- The biggest mall in Akure and sells all types of goods ranging from food ingredients to household items to clothes, gadgets, with an in-built cinema and smaller shopping malls. It provides the cheapest and quality household items.

Evening: A visit to The Igbo Olodumare and a well-spent time at the Egungun Festival.

The Igbo Olodumare is definitely not a place to be missed out. This place is at Oke Igbo and has an evergreen forest that is beautiful and thick. You can shoot movies here, have a picnic and generally do other fun things here. You will very likely be meeting a lot of persons out there who are also visiting here to have an awesome moment. Egungun Festival is a masquerade festival that has become popular in the western part of Nigeria. It is said that the spirits of the dead come out as these masquerades to entertain the natives. This festival takes place in other parts of the Yoruba land apart from Akure. If you are lucky to see this festival, you will be able to get the best of a rich African culture. Akure is such a city that is blessed with some exciting tourist sites. Thus, a short stay or a visit is definitely worth the time and a memorable experience for a lifetime. The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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