Orlu City Travel Guide

By Henry

11 July 2017

Orlu?is the second largest city in Imo state, South Eastern Nigeria. It is the commercial Capital of the state and boasts an estimated population of 680,372. The City of?Orlu?has a Tropical Savanna Climate with an average annual temperature of 29 degrees centigrade. The city is ridden with the most prominent markets in the region among which is the Imo International Market which houses one of the most influential pharmaceutical markets in the whole of West African and the Ogbosisi Timber Market where timber and several pieces of furniture are sold. Popular dishes associated with this area include the Ofe Owerri, Ofe Ugba and the Ukwu Ewu which is a special and mouthwatering goat meat sauce. The City of Orlu has a number of landmarks and tourist attractions which include the Imo State University Teaching Hospital and the Nigerian Immigration Training School. There are a lot of festivals and cultural events that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Orlu people and these include festivals such as the Mmanwu Festival where the City's numerous masquerades and their teams are paraded across the City, the Okonko festival, the Ebuebu Festival and the New Yam Festival. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

How To Get To Orlu

Prospective travelers to the City of Orlu are availed of a few options to explore in getting to the City.These include:

Getting to Orlu by Air

Travelers to the City of Orlu who want to access the City via Air transport would have to utilize the Sam Mbakwe International Airport which is also known as the IMO State Airport located at Ngor Okpallah in Owerri. A number of Airline operators conduct flights from different parts of Nigeria to this Airport. Upon arrival at the Airport, travelers to Orlu City would have to make the thirty minutes drive from the Airport to the Orlu City metropolis. Alternative Airports for travelers wishing to get to Orlu City via air include the Akanu Ibiam Airport in Enugu and the Port Harcourt Airport. The average cost of getting to?Orlu?City via Air transport from different parts of Nigeria is 19,500 naira. call 09024097929 to book a flight

Traveling to Orlu by Road

The City of?Orlu?is connected by road to several parts of Imo State and other neighboring Cities in other States which include Yenagoa, Owerri, Enugu, Onitsha, and Port Harcourt. Several Bus Transport Companies conduct mass transit shuttle services from these and other cities to Orlu. Prominent among these Transport Companies are the Imo Transport Company (ITC) and the Peace Mass Transit located along the?Ihioma?Road in the heart of the City. The average cost of traveling to Orlu from neighboring Cities in the South Eastern parts of Nigeria is 1000 naira.

Traveling to Orlu by Rail

Orlu?has a number of rail lines that connect it to different Cities and Towns in Nigeria. However, due to the present downward trend in the Nigerian Railway Sector, the popularity of Rail transportation to?Orlu?City has greatly reduced in recent years.  

Getting Around In Orlu

Intra- city movement within the city of Orlu is facilitated by the use of a couple of road transport options which include the motorcycles popularly referred to as "Inaga", the Tricycles, the minibuses and the taxi cabs. These road transport providers afford Visitors to Orlu a plethora of options to choose from in moving around the city based on convenience and budget size.These various intra-city transport service providers ply specific routes at prices averaging at about 80 naira from one point in the City to another. Some taxi cabs and Tricycles are also available for charter and personalized services at much higher costs.  

Things To Do In Orlu

There are a number of interesting activities Visitors to Orlu can get engaged in during their stays within the City. From shopping to sightseeing and interacting with the City's inhabitants, travelers to this City are assured of maximum entertainment over the duration of their stays.

Free Things To Do In Orlu

Visitors to the City of Orlu who are on a limited budget need not worry about missing out on all the great thrills the City of Orlu has to offer as there are a couple of fun-filled activities that they could engage in without exceeding their respective budgets. These activities include: Visiting and exploring the city's landmarks and tourist destinations Attending or participating in the City's numerous festivals and cultural events. Visiting and worshipping at any of the City's spiritual centers such as the popular Holy Trinity Cathedral. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

How To Spend 48 Hours In Orlu

Forty-eight hours is an inadequate period of time for a Visitor to Orlu to fully digest all of the thrills and excitement the city has to offer. However, the following guideline of activities would help Visitors to the city who are on a limited time schedule to get a substantial feel of the city and enjoy a great deal of what the city has to offer.

Enjoying a Cruise around the City

Getting acquainted with the city of Orlu's exotic and great-tasting Cuisines. Going on a shopping spree at the city's various shopping centers and Markets. Enjoying a bottle of drink at any of the city's bars/lounges. Going clubbing. Lodging in a cozy hotel.

Where To Shop In Orlu

The city of?Orlu?being the commercial nerve center of Imo State has an impressive number of Malls, shopping centers and Markets where business activities are conducted. Shopping Malls in Orlu include

Emeka?Ibeh?Shopping Mall:

Located at Eke Umuowa, this shopping Mall offers a wide variety of items and commodities that can be purchased and enjoyed by Visitors to the City. Orlu-Shopping-mall--hotels.ng


This multi-million naira edifice owned by the State government has a collection of independent and privately owned shops that offer a wide range of commodities ranging from clothing to groceries and household items. This multi-million naira edifice owned by the State government has a collection of independent and privately owned shops that offer a wide range of commodities ranging from clothing to groceries and household items. Orlu?also boasts a number of Markets which include the

Building Materials Market

Located right in the middle of Umuowa where buyers can access a plethora of building materials which include cement, rods and roofing sheets.

Electronics Market

Situated in the?Okporo?part of the City where a variety of electronic gadgets ranging from flat screen televisions to state of the art sound systems are sold.

Places To Eat In Orlu

The City of Orlu has a large number of eateries which include roadside food vendors, fast food spots and restaurants. These offer excellent local meals such as the Ofe Owerri, Ofe Ugba and Nkwobi and conventional meals like Rice and Pasta at different price ranges and varying degrees of comfort. Some of the regular eateries in Orlu include

The Kabakar Refreshment Center

located at the Imo transport company bus park in Orlu where travelers who are about embarking on a journey or have just completed one can easiliy access a variety of dishes.

Tako Sacrament Fast Food

located at no 2 Mgbee Street where Visitors to Orlu can order from a Menu of local and continental cuisines.

Gazzey Cool Joint

situated at plot 11 Umuuebere Road in the Okporo axis of town. Here customers get treated to excellent dishes, small chops and an assortment of beverages.  

Nightlife In Orlu

The City of Orlu has a number of cool night hangout spots which include bars and nightclubs. Some of these spots include:

Kalifornia Hotel

Located at Umuoka Amaifeke. This Hotel offers a fully-stocked outdoor bar that provides night fun seekers with an assortment of beer, wines, and other choice beverages plus a live band and experienced disc jockeys.  

Places Of Interest In Orlu

The City of Orlu has a lot of interesting places where Visitors to the City can go to, relax and explore the exciting sights and sounds of the City. These include

The Royal Palace of Eze Siver Ugbala II:

Which serves as the abode of the traditional ruler of the City.

The Iyi Ogidi Spring:

A spring popular and well visited in the area. The spring can be traced to five different channels.

The Iyi Okiru Spring:

This is spring that emanates abruptly from a rock, unlike the other springs that have their sources in other water bodies. Other places of interest which Visitors to Orlu can explore include:

The Imo State University?Teaching?Hospital The Imo State School of Nursing and Technology The Nigerian Immigration Training School. The Imo State Cardboard Industry. The Eastern Palm University. The Holy Trinity Catholic Church.


Staying In Orlu

The City of Orlu has a bubbling hospitality sector evidenced by the robust spread of Hotels across the City. Visitors to Orlu can lodge in a variety of facilities spread across different budget strengths.

Hotels for Visitors on a medium budget.

These include:


One hotels that provides the basic hospitality services at a modest rate. is Keedan hotels located on the 37?Keedan?Road.

Hotels for Visitors on a High budget these include:


Kalifornia Hotel

Kalifornia hotel is located around Umuola Amaifeke Orl. ?Guests get access to services such as luxurious beds and flat screen television sets. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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