How to spend 48 hours in Bauchi

By Hazel

05 July 2017

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Bauchi, the capital city of Bauchi State is in Northern Nigeria, located on the northern edge of the Jos Plateau. The city is filled with rich cultural attractions and historic sites and to explore other local attractions. Bauchi is a city of complex character and genuine appeal. Places of Interest are Bauchi City Center, Bauchi State International Airport, Yankari Games Reserve, Wikki Warm Springs, Dukkey Wells, Kalban Hill and Marshall Caves. Bauchi is a place where you will definitely have a thrilling experience. If you want to see the best of Bauchi in a short period of time, check out this 48 Hours in Bauchi guide. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

48 hours in Bauchi: Day 1

You should plan to stay in Bauchi City Center and its districts; this is where the major interesting activities take place. There are a number of budget hotels around the area, such as Zaranda Hotel, the Yankari Game Reserve and Resort, Hazibal Suites and Awalah Hotels.

Morning: Nice breakfast and a visit to the Yankari Games Reserve

After a quick breakfast at any of the best, yet affordable restaurants such as Sindaba Restaurant or Saharan Restaurant, a good way to start your day would be to visit the Yankari Games Reserve. Yankari has become the most developed wildlife park in Nigeria with a lot of attractions for visitors with a wide variety of flora fauna. The park is famous for its variety of animals available for viewing around the year, though the animals are better watched between November and May period of the dry season when the animals converge around in the park. The best time to view the animals is late February to late April. A couple of hours to take in the sight of beautiful animals are definitely worth it.

Afternoon: A visit to the most famous hills in Bauchi

A visit to the three well-known hills in the city would be a great idea. Starting with the Kalban Hill; a flat top hill that enables tourists the opportunity to have a complete view of the park, next to the Kanyo Hill which provides a good view of the park and serves as a very beautiful picnic ground. And lastly, Paliyaram Hill; known to be a popular camp for poachers.

Evening: A Visit to the City Center and Dukkey Wells

Towards evening, after a light dinner, at either Downtown or Paradise Kitchen Resturant, a visit to the ?City Center which is often most missed by the visitors is quite a wonderful way to start the evening. Bauchi City Center is unique in its own way and as attractive enough as it can be. Then a visit to the Dukkey Wells which has 139 wells with interconnecting shafts representing an elaborate water storage system could be another good way to end the evening.

48 Hours in Bauchi: Day 2

Morning: A Visit to the Marshall Caves

Starting your day with a view of the Marshall Caves is great. Marshall Cave is a rock with more elaborate engravings, legible writings with their age and meanings not been determined. Legible writings cover an area on the sandstone rock embankment of about 4m in length in Dwall River.


Sight-Seeing at Bauchi State International Airport Bauchi State International Airport is a new airport serving the city, the capital of Bauchi State, Nigeria. It is named after Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, who was Prime Minister of Nigeria. The airport is 22 kilometres northwest of Bauchi. A cargo terminal is also planned. This would be a nice way to enjoy your afternoon. call 09024097929 to book a flight


An evening at the Wikki Warm Springs and Bayan Gari Towards evening, a walk to the Wikki Warm Springs would not be as bad as it is crystal-clear, disease free and naturally warm. The Wiki Warm Springs is another attraction to visitors. The Wikki Warm Springs is one of the best features of the game reserves. For many individuals, the Wikki Springs is the main reason for visiting the Yankari. Floodlit at night, it?s wonderful after a hot day?s game-viewing to relax in the warm water. Baboons and elephants often come down to the springs. Accommodation is available at a hotel at the warm springs. Camping facilities are also available. Bauchi has a quite a lovely nightlife. One of the best places to visit at night is Bayan Gari. People come into the city from neighbouring out-of-state towns of Kano, Abuja, and Kaduna to have a taste of the lifestyle of the city at Night.

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