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By Jaiye

13 July 2017

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Jos, the capital of Plateau state used to be known as the home of peace and tourism but since 2001, the city has experienced some religious riots between Muslims and Christians. This crisis affected the influx of visitors into the city and ultimately reduced the rate of tourism. However, tourist activities have not ceased in the city. Jos City is a small and densely populated city, hence tourism in the city is not as much as other larger cities in the country. Recent developments by the government of the state have led to road expansion and modernization of the city. Due to its mountainous landscape and favorable weather, Jos City is very favorable for road trips, hiking and mountain climbing. Additionally, tourists who love photography will find the city?s picturesque landscape very appealing. call 09024097929 to book a hotel There are a few things to do in this dynamic city such as;

Take a Tour at the University of Jos

The University of Jos is a prestigious University in Jos, Plateau. The University has game centers, sports centers, restaurants, cyber cafes, supermarkets and a bank. You can talk a walk/ tour around the campus and experience the bubbly student life. You can also take cool pictures, mingle with the students and learn more about the academic pattern of the university.

Chinese Garden

It is situated in the City along Fidelis Tapgun Road. Every single thing inside this garden--trees, flowers, all kinds of plants are said to be brought from China. The garden has an impressive range of species of flowers and trees that makes it beautiful and scenic. It also offers African and Chinese dishes. You can relax in the natural environment, take cute pictures and even have a picnic in the beautiful Garden. You can also find fresh Fura da Nono (local fresh yogurt). Tourist attractions in

Riyom rock formation

The city of Jos is blessed with beautiful and impressive rock formations, as well as various other interesting geographical features that make it a good place to unwind. Riyom rock formation is a rock that has a distinctive structure. It is located 25 kilometers along the Jos-Akwanga road. It got its name because it is located in Riyom town. The remarkable nature of the rocks laying on top of each other always captivates visitors. You can take a hike/ walk to the Riyom Rock foundation, relax, have a picnic and take memorable pictures here

Nasco factory

Nasco factory established its first jute bag factory in the central part of the City. the prestigious company is a leader in the fast moving consumer good industry. Nasco factory is very hospitable and welcomes guests to its premises for an educational tour. You will be taken around the facility, shown the different types of machinery and introduced to the staff. After the tour, you will also be given Nasco products and souvenirs as gifts. You will need permission from the management of the factory before you can embark on the tour. You will give a written prior notice which will have to be approved. For security and safety reasons, you are not allowed to take pictures on the facility.

Net Caf?

Net Caf? is located in Jos along Ahmadu Bello Way, not far from the popular Jos Terminus. It?s easy to find with the big signage over the front door of the European-styled pavilion and with lots of plants at the frontage. The caf? is airy with a certain arty appeal to it. There were lots of artworks hanging on the walls, with the white lighting producing an ambience of purity; in corners, they have potted plants. Net Caf? is a good relaxation spot. Meals are available, but for an affordable price and placing an order is easy. Net Caf? has a variety of offerings. Tourist attractions in jos

Jos Wildlife Park

Jos Wildlife Park is distinctive for its rare and exotic collection of animals. The park also has picnic areas which are provided in the pine forest and the Vongnifwel Hill, 1,345 meters above sea level being the highest point east of Jos. You can walk around the general area for free but to enter some parts will require gate fee.

Assop Fall

Assop falls is an area of Guinea Savanna on the slopes and top of a mid-latitude ridge of the Jos Plateau, besides the Jos-Kagoro road, about 70 km from Jos. The vegetation comprises gallery forests surrounded by grasslands. The Assop river, which feeds the picturesque rapids and falls, drains part of the Jos Plateau. Assop Falls is a very beautiful site for taking memorable pictures. If you?re an adventurous traveler, you will find it interesting to navigate your way through the steep slopes. Tourist attractions in jos

Stroll/ Window Shop around Jos Terminal Market

Jos terminal market was known to be the largest indoor market in West Africa until it was gutted by fire and subsequently bombed in 2014. Nonetheless, this market still stands and almost everything that one may need can still be gotten in it. You can stroll around the market and do some window shopping. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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