City Travel Guide Ikot Ekpene

By Henry

06 July 2017

Ikot Ekpene which is fondly referred to as the Raffia City is a city in Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibom which occupies a large portion of the South Southern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Ikot Ekpene has a Tropical Monsoon Climate and an average annual temperature of 30 degrees centigrade. The City has an estimated population of about 547,238 inhabitants dominated by indigenes of the Annang and Ibibio tribes. Ikot Ekpene is a bubbling business Centre evidenced by the presence of several markets which include the Obo Annang International Market and the Ikot Ekpene Main Market. The people of Ikot Ekpene are known for an array of excellent-tasting dishes which include delicacies like Ekpang Nkukwo, the popular Afang Soup, and the Atama Soup. The City of Ikot Ekpene has a collection of tourist attractions which include the Ikot Ekpene Plaza, the Raffia weaving and wood carving City, the Oron Museum and the Ebughu Fishing trawlers berth. The City also has an array of colorful festivals which showcase the rich cultural heritage of the City since time past and these include the New Yam Festival, the Ekong Festival and the Feast of Anyan. Every time of the year is a good time to visit Ikot Ekpene although Visitors who come to the City during any of the City?s numerous festivities are more likely to enjoy themselves more than those who come at other times.

How To Get To Ikot Ekpene

Prospective travelers to the City of Ikot Ekpene have a list of options through which to embark on their journeys. These transportation options include: Traveling To Ikot Ekpene By Air? Akwa Ibom State has a fully functional Airport located in Uyo which is the State?s Capital City. Visitors to Ikot Ekpene who wish to facilitate their journies via Air transport would have to make use of this Airport. A number of local Airline operators carry out flights from various parts of Nigeria to the Uyo Airport. These travelers would then have to embark on a?28-kilometer?drive from the Uyo Airport to Ikot Ekpene. This drive lasts about 30 minutes. The average cost of flying from different parts of Nigeria to Uyo Airport and then to Ikot Ekpene is 17,650 Naira.   Traveling To Ikot Ekpene By Road Ikot Ekpene is linked by Road to neighboring Cities like Umuahia and Uyo. Several Bus shuttle Companies convey people to Ikot Ekpene from different parts of Nigeria. These transport companies include Peace Mass Transit Company and the Akwa Ibom Transport Company. Also, several transporters convey people to Ikot Ekpene daily from different parts of Akwa Ibom State. The average Cost of?traveling?to Ikot Ekpene from the Southern parts of Nigeria is 3,800 naira. Traveling To Ikot Ekpene By Rail The City of Ikot Ekpene is connected by Rail to several Cities across Nigeria but the recent downturn in the fortunes of the Nigeria Railway Corporation has led to a decline in the use of Rail transport as a means of getting to Ikot Ekpene from different parts of the Country.

Things To Do In Ikot Ekpene

There are several fun activities visitors to Ikot Ekpene can engage in and these activities are guaranteed to be entertaining and rewarding. t the same time. From shopping to sightseeing and getting acquainted with the City?s excellent-tasting Cuisines, visitors to Ikot Ekpene are sure of a fun-filled time within the City.  

Free Things To Do In Ikot Ekpene

The City of Ikot Ekpene offers exciting sights and sounds for residents and first-time visitors alike. Tourist to the City who are on a constrained budget can also partake in some activities the City has to offer without necessarily spending beyond their limit. Below are a few fun things visitors to Ikot Ekpene could engage in that won?t deplete their finances. a. Visit the City?s landmarks and places of interest b. Attend any of the City?s?colorful?cultural festivals. c. Visit and worship at any of the City?s numerous Churches or Mosques. How To Spend A Weekend In Ikot Ekepene One weekend is such a short period of time for a Visitor to Ikot Ekpene to fully explore the thrilling sights and sounds the City has to offer. Nevertheless, Visitors to Ikot Ekpene who have a limited period of time to spend within the City can enjoy themselves and explore much of what the City has to offer by carrying out the following activities: a. Taking a Ride around town to get acquainted with the City?s scenery. b.Sampling the City?s exotic cuisines. c.Hanging out and unwinding over choice drinks at the City?s numerous bars/lounges, d.Going Clubbing. e. Lodging at any of the City?s cozy Hotels.  

Where To Shop In The City Of Ikot Ekpene

The City of Ikot Ekpene has a number of shopping Centres and Malls where Visitors to the City can get their wares from. These include The Ikot Ekpene Town Plaza ? This place serves as a hangout spot and also as a shopping Center. Besides the splendid architectural scenery on offer at this spot, Visitors can get a range of edible and non-edible items. LG Showroom and Service Center- Located in the heart of the City, this showroom offers Customers quality branded electronic gadgets and accessories which include state of the art television sets and audio systems. Other?Shopping?Centres in Ikot Ekpene include the Edith International?Boutique,?Mother Care?stores, and Da Viva Mall. Ikot Ekpene also has a number of Markets from which Visitors to the City can access a number of commodities. These Markets include the: Obo?Annang?Market- This Market offers Buyers different foodstuff including grains and?seafood?like periwinkles and fishes of different varieties. The Ikot Ekpene Main Market- Visitors to this Market can access a range of items including household provisions, food, and cheap clothing.

Places To Eat In Ikot Ekpene

The City of Ikot Ekpene has a number of eateries, restaurants and fast food joints where Visitors to the City can get to enjoy the City?s delicious local cuisines plus other meals. The street food vendors offer mostly local meals while the highbrow restaurants and fast food spots serve mostly continental and more widely known dishes. These restaurants include Mr. Biggs - Located along the Essien Road, this restaurant offers fast food and a range of snacks and pastries. Kilimanjaro- This fast food spot offers local and continental dishes plus excellent baked food. Other popular eateries present in Ikot Ekpene include Pepperoni and?Foodsput.  

Nightlife In Ikot Ekpene

Ikot Ekpene has a range of night Hangout Spots which include Bars, Lounges, and?Nightclubs. Visitors to Ikot Ekpene can enjoy the City?s bubbling?nightlife?by enjoying choice drinks, great music and wild parties at the following spots. -The Hi-Point Bar located at no 155 Uyo Road where Customers get served with catfish pepper soup,?barbecued?fish, Suya, excellent music mixes by seasoned disc jockeys, live band performances, karaoke and an assortment of choice wines and spirits. - The Hurtadoi Florida Club located around Ikot Antia where Party-goers get to enjoy a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, large-spaced dance floor,?high-grade?music mixes by excellent disc jockeys, a lounge with comfortable sofas, and adjoining?restrooms?in a secure and fun-filled environment. Other popular?nightclubs?and hang out spots in Ikot Ekpene include Avis Nite Club at?Udok?street, the Tapas Bar and Night Club along Ikwere Road, and the Boomerang Night Club along Old Aba Road.

Places Of Interest In Ikot Ekpene

Ikot Ekpene provides Visitors with great sights and sounds embodied in the City?s numerous landmarks and tourist attractions which include -The Raffia weaving and wood carving Village in the heart of the City where skilled Men and Women weave a plethora of items and create a variety of wooden implements. -Ikot Ekpene Museum where a number of artifacts are showcased including the famous ?ekpu? carvings. -The Ebughu Fishing trawlers Berth - The Ikot Ekpene Plaza which is stationed close to the Four Points Hotel and is one of Ikot Ekpene?s most visited spots which provides great entertainment and beautiful scenery in a cozy environment. The Plaza boasts two dining areas with a central fountain.  

Staying In Ikot Epkene

Ikot Ekpene has a number of temporary accommodation facilities that offer lodging services to Visitors. These lodging facilities cut across different budget cadre and offer a variety of hospitality services. Some of the Hotels in Ikot Ekpene and their various Budget categories are outlined below

Hotels For Low Budget Travelers

[caption id="attachment_4771" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Anibeto Palace Hotels[/caption] Anibeto Palace Hotels- This Hotel located at Ephraim Essien Road in G.R.A boasts modest facilities such as adequate parking space, Restaurant and a Bar all at an affordable price. [caption id="attachment_4772" align="aligncenter" width="755"] Tropical Guest House[/caption] Tropical Guest House- Situated along the?Okop?Eto Road, this lodging facility offers?air-conditioned?rooms,?sofas, and center tables plus ensuite bathrooms and shower facilities. The average cost of lodging for one night in hotels within this budget category is 2,300 naira. akwaibom-plain-hotel-banner

Hotels For Middle Budget Travelers

Lodging Facilities available for Visitors in this Category include: [caption id="attachment_4768" align="aligncenter" width="771"] Diamolen Luxury Hotel[/caption] Diamolen Luxury Hotels located at Diamond Street in Ibiakpan Nto Akan offers Guests facilities such as regular power supply, outdoor pools, and a well-stocked bar. [caption id="attachment_4769" align="aligncenter" width="809"] Macaire Resorts[/caption] Macaire Resorts situated along the Old Itu Road. This facility offers ample parking space and tastefully furnished rooms that come with?king-sized?beds, air?conditioning, and?flat-screen?television sets. The average cost of spending a night in Hotels in this category is 7,500 naira.

Hotels For High Budget Travelers

Sernual Global Lodge?which is a 4-star Hotel located in the heart of the Ikot Ekpene City very close to the popular Ikot Ekpene Plaza. This breathtaking lodging facility offers?world-class?amenities and services which include exquisitely furnished rooms, a state of the art events center and a top standard fitness center that comes with a fully equipped gym. Hotels within this category come at an average cost of 40,000 Naira for a night?s stay.

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