The Ultimate Guide To Cheap Hotels in Kenya

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Officially the Republic of Kenya, the country is a founding member of the East African Community. Its territory lies on the Equator and overlies the East African Rift covering a diverse and expansive terrain that extends roughly from Lake Victoria, the largest fresh-water lake in the world to Lake Turkana formerly called Lake Rudolf and further southeast to the Indian Ocean. Bordered by Tanzania to the south and southwest, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east.

The country has a warm and humid climate on its Indian Ocean coastline, the savannah areas where its capital Nairobi is located is cooler especially close to Mount Kenya which has snow permanently on its peaks.

The economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and Central Africa. The country’s major revenue comes from agriculture with the export of tea and coffee and recently flowers to Europe. Kenya is also a member of the East African Community trading bloc and attracts both tourists and business investors.

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Visiting Kenya on a Budget

Air travel is the fastest means of transport to Kenya. However, buses together with matatus(minibuses) are the cheapest means of transport in the country.

Cheap Hotels in Kenya

This amazing country has several Top/Luxurious/5 Star hotels. Some include:

Khweza Bed & Breakfast

This is an affordable budget hotel offering valuable services. The hotel is located 3km from Kenyatta International Convention Centre, 2km from the National Museums of Kenya and 12km from 12km from Nairobi National Park.

Hotel Kipepeo

This is a guest favourite hotel featuring great services, facilities and a warm reception. Located 13km from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Glory Palace Hotel

Located in Nairobi, the country’s capital, this comfortable budget hotel offers efficient services and a relaxed environment. Located 20km from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, 3km from the Parliament Building and other notable points of interest.

Tips for Choosing a Budget Hotel

Consider the services and facilities provided by the hotel, transportation, reviews and proximity to points of interest when choosing a budget hotel in the country.

Attractions in Kenya

-Lake Nakuru
-Amboseli National Park
-Lake Victoria
-Nairobi National Park
-Hell’s Gate National Park

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