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10 Places to go and Things to do in Abakaliki

Abakaliki is the capital city of Ebonyi State in southeastern Nigeria. It is located 64 kilometres southeast of Enugu. Majority of the residents are igbo. The name Abakaliki, comes from Aba Nkaleke - a community in Izzi land (Nkaleke).

Abakaliki, buzzes with agricultural activities with food products like Yam, cassava, rice, palm oil, palm kernel, kola nut traded in the city. The city is also known for its local lead, zinc, salt and limestone mining. At first glance, Abakaliki looks anything but spectacular, however, with a little help from the locals, the city can serve up some memorable moments.

1. National Museum, Abakaliki


The National Museum of Unity is located on Abakaliki road. The unique museum, dedicated to the 1970's slogan - 'No Victor, No Vanquished.' - was built to heal the wounds of a country emerging from civil war.

It houses a vast amount of artifacts and relics from various communities of Nigeria. However, the unique way the museum showcases the Igbo worldview drives most of its appeal. Large sections of the museum exhibits the socio-political, religious, and agricultural life of the igbo people.

The National Museum will delight anyone that appreciates ethnography with an eye for cultural awareness.

2. Abakaliki Golf Club


The Abakaliki 9-hole golf course is located at the Abakaliki Township Stadium and visited a lot by tourists and locals. Its beautiful and well manicured greens provides a relaxing backdrop as you practice your swings. Situated along Ezza road and spanning 11/2km, the golf course has a modern golfing terrain and its undulating knolls are golf able all the year round. There is also a clubhouse and a snack bar on the property.

3. Abakaliki Green Lake


Abakaliki is located right inside the state's Government House. Small huts line up the shores of the lake where visitors can camp. The lake once served as a leisure and relaxation center for the colonial masters during the 19th century. Today, it has been equipped with state of the art facilities that make it a top destination in Nigeria.

4.Abakaliki Amusement Park

This park is wonderfully made as a relaxation spot especially for children. It is well equipped to serve the purpose. With a variety of rides and recreational activities for visitors.

5.Abakaliki Greater Rice Husks

Located at Abakaliki, the State capital, precisely at the rice mill industry. During rice production, the rice husks are piled into heaps, which makes them look like sand dunes in the desert.

6.Okposi Salt Lake

This is located at Okposi in Ebonyi State. The enormous deposit of salt here is why Ebonyi is known as the Salt of the Nation. The economic importance of this lake is enormous. It has served as the economic base for most of the rural women in the area.

7.Slave Market/Route at Ezza North/South

Outside of the State capital, Abakaliki lies the infamous routes by which trade on human cargo that took place in Africa.

8.Mkpuma Ekwa Oku Rocks

Another tourist attraction outside the capital. These are rocks naturally shaped like eggs. These rock formations have been there for ages. They are located at Ndieze Community in Izzi Local Government Area.

9. Taste some Abakaliki Rice

As pleasant as the great rice husks are to look at, Abakaliki rice is even more pleasant on the taste buds. Have some of this indigenous rice with pepper sauce. Available in any restaurant in the city.

10.Esisa Soup

A popular delicacy in Abakaliki. The delicious soup is made with sesame seeds as its main ingredient, it is not easily found elsewhere outside the state. So make the best of your stay and have some Esisa soup with pounded yam or akpu.

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