Viva Cinema in Ibadan - An Amazing Place to Have Fun

By Lilian

15 November 2019

Viva Cinema is one of the best cinemas in Ibadan that offers quality service to movie lovers. The cinema offers varieties of experience designed to leave you to thrilling. if you are ever looking to have a good time in Ibadan, Viva Cinema is one of the best places to get entertained.

Address: The Palms Shopping Mall, MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan

Phone: 0817 215 1180

Ticket Prices for Viva Cinema Ibadan

Movie Days:

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: NGN1,000 (ticket only + mini popcorn and 50cl drink), NGN800( ticket only)
  • Wednesday: NGN800 + 50cl drink
  • Friday: NGN800 (Ticket + 50 cl Pet Drink), NGN1,000 (Ticket + 50 cl Pet Drink)
  • Saturday/Sunday: NGN1,200 (Ticket + 50cl drink), NGN1,000(ticket only)
  • Public holidays: NGN1,200(ticket + 50cl drink)
  • Blockbuster weekends(Fri-Sun): NGN2,000( ticket + large popcorn + 50cl drink), NGN1,500(ticket only)
  • Blockbuster weekdays(Mon-Thurs): NGN1,500(Ticket + Mini Popcorn + 50 cl Drink), N1,200 ? Ticket Only
  • Students/corp members/children:
  • Weekdays: (Mon - Thur) NGN1,000 ? Ticket + Small Popcorn + Juice, NGN500 ? Ticket Only
  • (Weekends: Fri - Sun) NGN1,000 ? Ticket + Small Popcorn + Juice
  • (Public Holiday) NGN1,000? Ticket Only

What is the best time to watch a movie at Viva Cinema?

The best time to go see a movie at Viva Cinema is either early in the morning or in the evening. This is because morning movies are generally cheap due to the low population, while evening movies can be more fun because more friends and more people tend to be around.

How do you enjoy a movie?

Image result for viva cinemas"
Audience enjoying a movie scene

Watching a movie at the cinema is a good way to get entertained and be refreshed. Here are tips on how to enjoy a movie at the cinemas:

  • Select the right movie
  • Focus on the movie
  • Digest each scene and episodes in the movie
  • Allow yourself to experience emotions expressed in the movie.
  • Let the movie be more than entertainment to you.

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