Film House Cinemas, Port Harcourt

By Faith Ojomo

29 November 2019

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Location: 2nd Floor, 1 Azikiwe Road, Port Harcourt
Phone Number: 0902 497 3098

Film House Cinemas is one of the renowned cinema houses in Nigeria. It has branches in almost every state across the country.
It offers access to an arcade centre, ice cream caf?, food concession, digital cinema, 2D cinema and kid?s club. You can experience the cinema with the traditional popcorn and soda or hot dogs, and delectable desserts.

Ticket Booth

Here are the price list and times to awesome discounts...

  • Bargain Wednesday (10:00 AM - 2:59 PM) - ?600
  • Monday - Friday (10:00 AM - 2:59 PM) - ?600
  • Monday - Friday (5:00 PM TO 10:00 PM) - ?1500
  • Bargain Wednesday (3:00 PM TO 12:00 AM) - ?800
  • Monday - Friday (3:00 PM TO 4:59 PM) - ?800
  • Saturday & Sunday (All Day) - ?1500
  • Public Holidays (All Day) - ?1500

NOTE: For all 3D films you have to purchase a ?500 3D glasses which you own permanently and re-use at any time.

Cinema Age Policy

  • Children 2 years old and under = Free if in lap, carrier, or stroller.
  • A child guest shall be granted admission to a performance with a child ticket for certain performances if he or she is:
    • Aged 3 ? 14 years old = Child Ticket.
    • Guests who fall into the category of students and children should be able to produce on request a valid and current form of photographic identification.
  • 15 years and above = Adult ticket

When is the Best Time to Watch a Movie at Filmhouse Cinemas?

You might want to visit the cinema on specific days when the discount is on, otherwise, you can visit at any time within the business hours.

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