Top Five Cinemas In Lagos

By Silas

12 February 2018

The most populous and industrious city in Nigeria and most economically buoyant in Africa, Lagos offers a lot of fun things to do. Cinemas are fast becoming one of the hottest hangout places for friends, families, children. It offers a lot of thrilling emotions and relaxation. A movie freak or looking for a good spot to have a good time with friends and families? Here is a list of the top five cinemas to visit in Lagos. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

1. IMAX Filmhouse Cinema With a virtual reality option giving you an immersive experience, IMAX Film house cinema is a fun place to be. Boasting of the highest resolution ever in a Nigerian cinema, this cinema offers exceptional hospitality and a serene environment. Located in Lekki, their slogan ' See it, Feel it, Be it' is nothing short of the service rendered.

2. Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Lekki When you think of a fun hangout with access to a shopping mall Genesis deluxe is the place. This cinema located inside the palms mall Lekki is one of the leading operators of multiplex cinemas in Lagos. They bring you latest box office movies together with Nollywood blockbusters.

3. Silverbird Cinema Filling the void of entertainment since its opening in 2004, this cinema has become a household name for movie lovers. 14 years later and their standards remain perfect. The first multiplex cinema in West Africa, Silverbird cinemas has continued to be one of the best hangout spots for Lagosians.

4. Ozone Cinema Located in the heart of Yaba, Ozone brings you an exciting movie experience in a peaceful environment. Especially popular amongst student, Its stands as one of the cheapest cinemas in Lagos.

5. Filmhouse, Surulere This has proven to be one of the best cinema in Lagos, located inside Leisure mall in Surulere. This leaves you with things to do while waiting for your movie. A perfect place to catch up on the latest movies and of course also hang out with friends. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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